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Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Not "Just" A Dream

I was watching the Today Show, and I almost cried. (Okay, I'm pregnant and hormonal, and that's probably 90% of it. And, no, The New Kids were not performing yet. ;)) They were interviewing Dr. King's kids. Apparently, today is the 40th anniversary of his shooting. And that got me thinking.

Thinking about all the people I wouldn't be friends with, wouldn't work with, and wouldn't know...if segregation was still in effect. There are so many people who have touched my life, in part because of Dr. King's work. I thought of not having those people in my life and it made me sad. Everyone talks about what Dr. King did for minorities. But Dr. King did something special for me, a white girl from the South. I hoep people don't forget that part of his legacy.


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Brien Louque said...

NPR had this really powerful clip where Robert Kennedy had to tell the crowd gathered in Indianapolis for his presidential campaign speech the news - it was sad and beautiful:

Link to the story including a link of the actual audio