Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My 2021 Planner - Something Brand New

I'm a fairly modern person, technologically speaking. I schedule my work appointments in Outlook and my personal appointments on Google Calendar. After all, my smartphone goes everywhere. Why not keep my calendar on it?

Because a cell phone calendar is NOT planning. 

(Note that work appointments outside of blocked out work hours go on my personal calendar, as well.)

Planning doesn't absolutely require paper. Gasp. Blasphemy.

But it does require a place to think out your plan - and paper is the simplest place to do that.

I'm a paper planner lady, so I'm lost without paper, but whether you use paper or - like my silly non-paper husband - spreadsheets and lists on your laptop, planning always requires thinking. Paper is simply the tool that I use most often to force myself to think.

Paper planning allows me to think clearly about my goals for the day and week, encourages me to make decisions, and frees up my brain from having to hold on to excess thoughts and information.

So why am I using plastic instead of paper in 2021?

Rocketbook Fusion Bullet Journal Planer

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Why Bother With a Daily Plan

How life has changed!

COVID-19 along with a heart problem (mostly solved by a Cyborg...um...pacemaker) had me at home, working in the home office.

I was in front of my laptop every day. So I did work planning in a bullet journal dotted notebook with drawn in monthlies and weeklies with no planner issues.

I planned my personal life with Google calendar (on laptop and on my Galaxy 9 cell) and the Microsoft to do list app (also available on my laptop and cell phone).

I planned, but I didn't do stuff. Not having a personal planner was a disaster.

The problem with not making a daily or weekly plan on paper is mostly no follow-through.

Rocketbook Fusion Daily Planner Page
Daily Planner Page on a Rocketbook Fusion