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Friday, April 11, 2008

Little Things That Annoy Me

When you are using the bathroom at my house, your nose comes to almost exactly the same level as the door handle of my husband's clothes closet. (The closets are in the bathroom.) Every morning, my husband ALMOST closes his closet door. Almost, but not quite. Drives me insane as I close the door EVERY morning.

Sometimes, he takes a q-tip out of the q-tip container, and doesn't quite close the container. Ugh.

Sometimes, he throws away something heavy, like a diaper, in the bathroom trash. This act pulls the grocery bag lining the trashcan slightly out of the trashcan. He does not readjust the liner.

He leaves Ander's shoes on the kitchen island EVERYDAY, instead of having Ander return them to the bedroom.

Understand, he cleans the house. He does more housework than me, and more than any man I know. So these things should not drive me crazy. But they do. So there you are.


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