Monday, July 6, 2015

4 Types of Planners: How They Use a Weekly Spread

As the vast amount of planner porn available on-line shows, everyone has their own planner style. Open up a thousand weekly planner spreads and you will see a thousand different ways to use a planner.

Knowing how you prefer to use a planner is valuable in deciding how you will use your weekly spread to plan. If you are consistent (no matter your underlying style), you are less likely to miss something in your plan.

*Decorating Planners

Probably the most popular planner porn is supplied by plannerds who are into decorating.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

They look pretty, but the pictures distract me from planning and take up lots of space.

TIP: If you are a Decorating Planner, consider designating areas for decorating and keeping planning in the remaining areas.

*Casual Planners

Casual planners just write anything anywhere.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

This sort of planning is fine for those into simplicity with few things to plan each day.

Beginning plannerds often use casual planning.

*Task-Based Planners

Task-based planners focus on what needs to be done, with scheduled activities kept elsewhere (say on a monthly calendar). In some ways, the Giftie Etcetera system is task-based.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

With task-based planning, appointments are somewhere else, giving more room to write tasks.

TIP: Keep errands separate from other types of tasks.

*System-Based Planners

I love system-based planning, no matter the system. (Obviously, I like the Giftie Etcetera system the best!)

System-based plannerds have a system set up for how they do their planning. For example, I use a three column system, with DUE, MUST DO, and SHOULD DO as my columns, in addition to a MUST DO SOMETIME THIS WEEK area.

I also have a context code to note where I will accomplish the task.

planners, weekly, weekly planner spread, weekly spread

Those who use Getting Things Done are system planners, as one example.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why I Use a Cheaper Planner

For Christmas 2013, I received a Franklin Covey Boston. (Read about it here.) I loved it. Creamy, smooth light blue leather. So soft. So spacious.

Yet, by Christmas 2014, I was back in my cheap, vinyl, Franklin Covey Flourish. (Read about it here.)

A Loyal Reader asked why.

boston, flourish, franklin covey, planner, set-up

The answer is pretty simple.

The cheaper Flourish is thinner in width, so it fits in my bag better.

It's vinyl and sturdy, so it wipes clean (unlike the grime covered Boston).

And I don't worry abut overuse!

Sometimes, a cheaper planner can mean freedom to power plan.


Friday, July 3, 2015

How to Love Time Sensitive People

On our road trip to Colorado, we got a flat tire in the rental car.

There was a lonesome Texas highway, a ratty used tire store complete with many signs warning that the owners were armed, and a Dairy Queen. (Have I mentioned that I hate soft serve ice cream?)

I was completely zen, much to my husband's amazement, despite the two hour ordeal. After all, I am ALWAYS stressed out when we are running late.

(Seriously. Later in the trip, there was a group of us and a lot of unavoidable lateness. I was completely and totally stressed out and on edge!)

Here's the thing: we were NOT running late the day of the flat tire. We had time to waste. I checked my planner, and NOTHING time sensitive was on it. We weren't meeting anyone or on a deadline.

planner, paper, travel, vacation

That is a rare occasion.

(Okay, it ONLY happened on Day 1 of the vacation. But, hey, the flat tire happened on Day 1.)

My family is so used of me being a time sensitive person - showing up early, getting upset when others show up late (even if I am polite and don't say anything), and living by a schedule - that they were shocked by my calm response.

The thing they missed is that, since I've started carrying my planner everywhere, I'm better. If something happens unexpectedly, I can simply readjust the schedule. If someone shows up late, I can get a couple of tasks accomplished while I wait. I don't forget stuff that is written down, so life goes more smoothly.

My planner makes me calmer, in control, and easier to tolerate.

In the meantime, those of you who are always late need to still love us. Accept that, for us, time is a gift. If you are late, we've given away something that we treasure and can never get back.

Acknowledge that we are waiting, sitting there, feeling neglected, misunderstood, and used if you say 3:15 p.m. and show up at 3:30 p.m.

Understand that our planners keep us sane.

Go ahead and laugh a little. We are not without senses of humor.

But remember to be gentle when we make a date and you get caught in traffic/changing a diaper/talking to your mom on the phone. We need to know that you value us.


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