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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giftie In Training

I got to have a conversation with a wonderful 10th grader a couple of months back. She was applying to LSMSA. She called me to ask about my experience and the interview/audition process. She didn't know me, except that I was a lawyer and an alum from her hometown.

I spoke to her for a hour. She's articulate, smart, and mature. She never asked me to, but I sent a letter to Dr. Sharon anyway, recommending that they accept her. I was so impressed.

She just e-mailed me...and she was accepted! She'll be going to LSMSA in the fall.

So say a prayer that Catherine has a wonderful, enlightening LSMSA experience. Remember when so many of us left home? She does that in the fall! I'm so excited.



Beorn said...

Good for Catherine!!

I still say that LSMSA was the single most extraordinary experience I've had in my life. I likely wouldn't be completing my current degree without my experiences there.

Still, I don't think I'd ever write a letter to Sharon on behalf of a prospective student--it'd probably do more harm than good. Every time I've met any admin who remembers me, I get a strong feeling that they're focusing all of their well-practiced arse-kissing powers on an attempt to keep smiling in my presence, in the hope that I'll do something for them at some point. It's why I can't go to functions where they're present--even as an adult who cringes at how immature I was at LSMSA, and who teaches kids not much older than that, I still think they all have sticks up their collective behinds. Kinda makes me queasy, and doesn't bode well for any recommendations I'd make.

And yet, I'm overjoyed for Catherine--and anyone else who's given the opportunity to attend the school. Do I have mixed feelings, or what? :-)

Mathochist said...

Aaah, the good old days! (Not that the new days aren't just as memorable. But in a different way.)

That was super nice of you to write that letter! ;)