Thursday, May 31, 2007

And In Harry Potter News

The movie is coming out 2 days early (July 11) and they are opened a theme park in Florida in late 2009. Guess what I plan to do in early 2010?


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why Is It?

That when I cut the grass, and then wait six days, planning to cut on day seven (although on day six it starts to need it), it rains on day seven and eight and nine. Then the grass is too long, and wet, and grass cutting sucks.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Expanding My Social Circle

I'm really trying to expand my social circle. There are people that I'm friends with, and I even see occassionally, but I don't really "do" things with. Some are from law school. Others are moms with kids around Ander's age. Some I know through other friends, but rarely see anywhere but at the other friend's house. I'm going to start calling and e-mailing these people, and setting up visits. Coffee, pot lucks, dinner out - just depending on who I am calling and what fits. I just feel the need to be more social.

Alan would tell you that we socialize too much. :) But it's always with the same people. And I like those people (many of whom are loyal readers ;)), but I see the same people all the time.

So a challenge for my readers. Think of someone you know, and like, but what to know better. And invite them out somewhere. It's will be well worth it in the end, I think. :/


My Virtual Friends

It's bad when you are so busy that you get e-mails and shout outs on web forums about whether you are okay! Thanks everyone. I'm just busy, is all. I feel like I have social events everyday. That's a good thing, but it leaves little time for blogging and posting.

I went swimming yesterday. First, I had to try on my old swimsuits. I have two, and it was important that I fit both, because Ander and I are doing Mommy and Me swim lessons, plus I had two pool parties this weekend. And I've already spent my swimsuit budget on a cute little cover-up, so I can't afford a new suit.

Wow. I looked, well, not hot :/, but like I didn't have rolls!!! That's exciting stuff. :) I would actually appear in public in either suit. {breathes a sigh of relief} Guess working out is working for me!


Monday, May 21, 2007

The Piles

I slacked on laundry last week. Now there are piles of laundry, next to my bed, calling my name. The house is fairly neat, because Alan cleaned up while I cut grass yesterday, but oh the laundry. It sucks. Good thing there's no good tv left.


Friday, May 18, 2007

He Was A Good Tiger :(

Mike V died early this morning. He was 17 years old. The oldest "Mike" to live at LSU lived to 19, and the oldest Tigers usually found are about 26.

I pulled a leg muscle. Major pain.

I really like E's neighbor.


He Was A Good Tiger :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We Closed A Lane Of The Interstate

I thought I was being so responsible yesterday. I got up early and went to a coffee shop and worked. I worked out at Strollerfit. I returned phone calls. I taught Ander to use sidewalk chalk (a big hit) while I cut the grass. (Good thing I have a small yard and a child who is slightly nervous about coming near a lawn mower, but it looked like rain and really needed cutting, so I did it at lunch time.) I followed my doctor's directions about no white foods and ate healthy. I went to the office, and worked really hard all afternoon. I brought home the single biggest paycheck since I've opened my business. I picked my child up (okay, ten minutes late...maybe that's when things started to drag along).

I ended up visiting at my mom's for a few minutes, because Grandmother was there. Then I started driving home. I tried to call Michelle. I tried to call Stac. My phone wouldn't dial out. Hmm. I was almost to my interstate exit when my cell rang. Alan calling. We were going to Bren's baseball game, but by now it was raining, so he ought to be calling to see if we were canceling. But I got the feeling that wasn't why he was calling.

In the rain, in rush hour traffic, our Escort broke down on the side of the road. We think it's the alternator.

We had planned to get an SUV for Alan to drive in three or four months. My car should be paid off (or should've been, if we didn't have to repair the Escort) in two months or so, plus we wanted to save up for a down payment for a couple of months. Now, we have the money in savings, but that's our emergency fund. Sigh.

I tried to call E. After all, I can't bring Ander to sit on the inside of the interstate near the Essen exit in the pouring rain. But my cell phone wouldn't call out. I would have just driven to their house, but on a whim I called my sister who lives on Essen (but is usually at work, which is why I didn't call her first) and the phoen rang! She answered.

She was at a gas station, at a pay phone, trying to call my other sister, because her phone would only call Sprint to Sprint. Guess mine would only call that way too. We traded cars, I ran in the gas station and bought Ander two donuts and Kool-aid for dinner (we were in a rush and he was sleeping but would wake up hungry and my sisters were meeting to pick up and move furniture).

Then the side of the road waiting commenced.

Hopefully, we will know today if the car is even worth salvaging. If it is, we will start picking out another vehicle, so we can replace it soon. If not, we will have it towed away and will ask my MIL to borrow her spare vehicle, just for a couple months, while we pick out a vehicle.

In the past, we always picked a vehicle in despairation and quickly, after another vehicle had died. Hopefully, by borrowing a vehicle, we will give ourselves time to actually pick Alan a vehicle out. Alan will have to rent a car and drive to Leesville to pick up the extra vehicle, so I guess I won't see him one weekend day soon.

Ander spent the night at my mom's house (one of my sister's drove him there), because I have early court and Hammond and have to drive Alan to work first, so that saved me an hour on the road.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Alan, Ander, and I saw a St. George mom yesterday. I used to teach her son. She was commenting on how good Ander was when Alan walked up. The lady looked at Ander, then at Alan, and then said, "He looks just like his dad. I'm so sorry."



Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Husband...

Is so patient. At Trip's urging (Trip, I might owe you a teeny tiny butt kicking ;)), he bought his Xbox 360 Elite today. But first, he shopped for a Mother's Day gift for me (he was almost done but needed ten minutes to pick something up real quick, which is amazing since we've all been sick all week) and helped me pick up my mom's Mother's Day gift. Then, he bought his 360 around 3 p.m.

That's when we ran into two of my sister's and Alan's godchild at the mall. So Alan joined his godchild for her makeover at Libby Lu. What a good sport. Then we went to supper. We arrived home around 8:30 p.m., but he gave Ander his meds and sang him to sleep. At 9 p.m., he came over and hugged me and was so sweet.

Finally, 6 hours after purchasing his new toy, he sheepishly announced that he would start setting it up. Now that is major patience!


So We Tried CIO

We've done a modified version of letting Ander cry it out before, at bedtime, where we mostly stayed in the room with him and comforted him, but wouldn't let him out of his crib. And I thought that was appropriate at the time, because he was about 8 months old (maybe? - it gets hard to remember) and didn't understand us leaving him.

But since about December, when he got really sick, we've been letting him fall asleep on the living room floor (which sometimes doesn't happen until after 10 p.m.) and go to our bed when he wakes between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. I'm exhausted, Alan is exhausted, and lately, Ander is whiney and exhausted.

So we are doing CIO again. For a week now, I've been tucking Tigger and Ander's "spot" (his pillow) iin the crib each night. Well, last night, at 8 p.m. as usual, I tucked Tigger in. Then at 9 p.m., I tucked Ander in. He was sleepy, but not asleep. I said "night, night" and left the room.

Oh the screaming. The fussing. The baby curse words that flew. He was mad. But since I've been teaching him with Tigger, I knew he knew what to do, and sure enough, less than five minutes later, Ander was asleep. I think 9 p.m. will be bedtime from now on.

11 p.m. and 2 a.m. were more of a problem. I knew I didn't want to co-sleep. I was really against it when Ander was tiny (<4 months) because I was scared to squish him, but we put him in his crib and when he woke, used a co-sleeper, so he was actually quite safe. But since December, we've been co-sleeping once he wakes at night, and we've totally spoiled him. He thinks our bed is his bed!

So at 11 p.m., I checked on him, changed his diaper (because otherwise he leaks through and gets cold), and tucked he and Tigger back in with a kiss and a "night, night." I'm not sure how long he cried, but it was a long time. And I, of course, didn't sleep a wink. But I knew he wasn't hurt, and I know he needs to understand that he cannot sleep with us, so I didn't cave. And to Alan's credit, he didn't either. Eventually, he went back to sleep. It wasn't as bad at 2 a.m., but it definitely wasn't pleasant, either.

This morning, Ander is quite tired. He didn't sleep enough, obviously. But the rule, from now on, will be 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. in his crib. He can sleep, or play, or do whatever he wants, but he cannot come to our bed. He's a toddler now, and it's time. I just wish we hadn't taught him to come to our bed so we wouldn't have to go through this now! :/


For Brien

Write your best haiku and post in the comments.


I Love My Job

Have I mentioned that?

I don't like, of course, that people divorce, but I really do enjoy working out the details and the visitation schedules and even helping divide up the stuff. And there is nothing better than when you can help a kid get back on the right track.

Plus, I really do like the people that I work with. Rach B. always manages to get me free stuff when we order supplies from Office Depot. Lindy never fails to stay overtime if I need her, even though I never ask. The court staff is always nice and helpful, and actually do their jobs!

Plus, I don't answer to a boss, so if I don't like the way I'm doing something, I do it another way.

There is lots of responsibility, but loads of freedom, too.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Swear That I Try To Do Things Other Than Complain

I really do! It's just that things never go smoothly. :(

Last night, Alan was up late throwing up. Then, this morning, Ander threw up all over my bed - sheets, comfortable, carpet.

Rach B. called in sick. Her little girl (who we babysat this week) is throwing up. Guess we gave her our disease. {blushing}

Then I went for my annual check-up. The doctor thinks I am having blood pressure problems again, and maybe some fluid on my lungs, which was part of my problem last time when I was hospitalized for my heart. So I'm off to see a pulmonaligist (sp?).

When do I actually go to work? And good thing I have a special kind of job, or I'd be fired by now. :/

Ander is in the living room eating bananas and watching Sesame Street. He usually ignores the tv, but he's talking to the tv right now. It's really cute. Now, if he can just not puke the bananas.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Child Is A Genius

Can you hear the sarcasm in that?

I've had a rough day. I drove to my make-up Strollerfit class, to make up for missing yesterday for an unexpected court hearing and taking Ander to the doctor. I dressed in a tank top and running shorts, and was almost there, when I realized...Strollerfit is on 1 p.m. for Wednesdays in May only. Fabulous. Sigh.

So I went to a coffee shop and worked. Ander was very fussy, and refuses to eat right now, but he had some milk and a tiny bit of cinnamon roll (and threw his banana on the floor), and I got my billable goal reached for the day. I also got some critical stuff done.

Then we had lunch (Subway) while Ander napped (again, no eating) and then I went to Strollerfit.

We are home now, and I am exhausted. Ander is relaxed and raring to go. But he still won't eat.

I gave him some raisens and some osyter crackers. He was playing with his Busy Ball Popper, and all of a sudden he starts saying "cracker, cracker." Well, obviously, I looked around for Trip, but Trip is not here at the moment. ;) So I looked in the ball popper. Sure enough, my little genuis had a cracker bouncing around in the ball popper.


Someone at Strollerfit whose husband is in law school asked me today which is harder, being a mom or a law student. Being a law student is no walk in the park, but being a mom is the HARDEST thing I have ever done.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ander Health Update

After Ander threw up twice yesterday and continued his never-ending coughing, wheezing, no sleeping, runny nosing streak, we went to the doctor. They say he probably has allergies. There is no definitive test for kids under 2, but he is now on allergy meds. Also, he got a steriod for his cough. And, ta-dum, he has been officially diagnosed with asthma. He now gets breathing treatments.

Also, we asked about his walking (or lack thereof). His left leg, and sometimes his right, are pretty turned out when he does walk, so we are seeing a pediatric orthropedist about it. :(

And mommy got very little work done today, and nothing billable, because seeing the doctor, renting the breathing machine, filling the meds at the pharmacy, and taking care of a whiney kid took all I had in time and energy.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Impromptu Night Out

Last night, we tried to go to Bren's game. Cancelled due to weather, I guess. Then we went with two of my sisters to the cancer walk in Ascension. I saw a client, met a new lawyer, saw a couple of friends from Strollerfit, and had the tastiest curly q fries ever. Plus, all the money we spent (which admittedly wasn't much) went to charity. It was good to get out.

Then we went to the outlet mall and picked out a gift for Sasha. We were very excited about shopping for girl clothes.

We learned that stores don't know how to dress little girls any better than little boys. Sigh.

Speaking of weather, lightening hit and burned down one of my sister Wendy's neighbors houses. :(


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Six Favorite People

Last night, I was complaining to Alan that as jammed-packed as my schedule happens to be, it doesn't involve the one thing I really want - to sit at a table with my six favorite people, eat a leisurely and delicious meal, and follow-up with a late night of coffee and gossip swapping.

Alan {cough - smart butt - cough} asked who my six favorite people that I want to have this dinner with happen to be.

I thought for a moment, and replied that I guess I don't actually want my six favorites. Instead, I want some of my favorite people, and some that don't make the top six, like Trip, because you need a foil to keep things interesting.

Aside for Trip: It's not like you aren't on the list - just not in the top six. I know that makes you cry like a little girl, but if it helps soothe your bruised ego, you likely rank in my hubby's top three (hopefully, but not certainly, behind my son and me). ;)