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Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Hour Each Morning

An hour - that's about how long it takes me to not feel totally yucky in the morning. And, in the case of this morning, how long before I throw up. It sucks. I'm at fifteen weeks on Friday. I'm feeling somewhat better when it's not morning, but I'm still not hungry and I'm still not gaining weight. And I'm so worried about money that I won't buy food out. That's fine if you aren't pregnant and can skip an occasional meal. It's okay if you can pack your lunch in the morning without it making you puke again. It's not a problem if you can eat something you packed the night before without gagging. But if none of those things are true, you are just screwed.

Because of this, I cannot seem to gain weight. Amazingly, eating an entire jar of pickles everyday does not pack on the pounds.

Plus, my son is virtually unchaperoned for an hour in the morning. I peek in on him. He peeks in on me. He answered when I call. But, usually, if I stand up, I puke. So I lay there, wide awake, miserable, and wondering if Ander is destroying himself or the house.

I *think* I've felt the baby move a few times now, but there was nothing I can be certain of.



Miss-buggy said...

15 weeks already? Time flies when you are not the one pregnant. I wish you guys had diclectin in the states. That helped me tremendously when I was pregnant!

jules said...

so sorry to hear you are feeling sick
i can relate.. it takes me about 2 hrs to start to feel crappy in the morniing but with mine it is just a general sicky feeling, i never actually puke, and really dizzy!
take care