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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Useless Dribble

I write about nothing. I've been rereading my blog entries, and while a few are thoughtful or compelling, none are particularly insightful, or rich, or academic. I think all sorts of big thoughts. I have strong opinions on politics and injustice. But what do I write about? Puking, pickles, and purses. P-words are very popular in my household right now. (Well, except for pee pee, which my toddler will not discuss. Not at all. He likes his diaper, and that is final, MOMMY! Sigh.)

I tend to shy away from way too political blogs. After all, I represent clients with varying politics. But the truth is, if a client asks my politics or a position on an issue, I'm not shy about telling them. And if it makes them not want to be my client, then we weren't a good match in the first place. You need to trust your lawyer, or you won't feel comfortable taking her advice, and I deal in advice (and long, complicated, detailed written documents and in arguments...but mostly advice).

Anyway, stay tuned for more useless dribble.

Oh, is back up. Totally worth visitiing that forum if you are a giftie. Let me know if you need help signing up.


1 comment:

elle said...

Definitely not useless dribble--I love reading your blog, especially when you talk about parenting--which I don't talk enough about.

I went through a period in which I wouldn't blog because my blog was not the political, activist, place-of-analysis-and-critique that I wanted it to be.

And then, I realized I liked writing a mix of personal, political, and academic. And two of the bloggers I admire and read most e-mailed me to tell me they loved my "blog style."

Just as I love yours.