Monday, June 30, 2008

Packing List

Not like I get to go on vacation anytime this year, but I pack from a master packing list. Each time I pack, I make a list of what I need. Then I pack. Each time I pack something that I haven't packed before, I add that item to the master list (think library books, essential for MIL's house, but sometimes forgotten if not on the list).

However, I slacked about this when Ander was first born. I made a list and packed from it, but I never added stuff like diapers to the packing list. So now the list is really lacking. I don't even want to think about how much undating the master list will require when the new baby comes.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blogs That I Read Everyday

Thanks to Google Reader, I read an unlikely, and perhaps unbvelievable, number of blogs. I read my friends blogs, of course. And those of some friends of friends. I read some blogs written by "virtual" friends. I read mommy blogs, and organization blogs, and lawyer blogs, and working blogs and etecetera.

Some of the bloggers that I read love humor. Or controversy. Or complete sentences, to which I say, blah! If you can't break the rules of the English language on a blog for dramatic effect and emphasis, where can you?

I link my friends and virtual friends - eventually. I'm lazy about it, so it usually takes months and several e-mails from them. I curse those whose blogs cannot be lifted by Google Reader, because I have to actually check their blogs.

I do notice a trend, though. I am less controversial than most of the bloggers I read (except for those who just report on family happenings). That may be hard to imagine, especially if you've read my strong opinions on certain child-rearing/pregnancy subjects, but many blogs try to write strong, one-sided points of views. While I occasionally have and write about such a point of view, it isn't very often. I also write more often than most people I know. Sometimes, I feel like my day isn't complete without a blog entry.

And so it goes. I shall endeavor to write more opinionated stuff, because hey, if I like to read it, I'll probably enjoy writing it. But in the meantime, I'll keep reading other people's good stuff. Loving it...


Friday, June 27, 2008

Killing Time

Brien's coming into time today. Sometime today. I know Brien, so that means probably tonight. Guess I should get busy finding something to do.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can't Help That I Know It

Kaden (Brien's sister's baby) was born yesterday! Rachel was tired of being pregnant and I'll bet she's really happy he's finally out. I was there when they brought him to the well-baby nursery (since I knew she was having a c-section and the baby would be there). He's adorable.

I noticed the nurses were watching his breathing carefully. His little chest looked like it was going in and out a bit. There were, in my humble-I-am-not-a-doctor opinion, sure signs that he might need a little oxygen. I told his grandma my suspicion. I also told her she shouldn't worry, because it was a minor thing and easily overcome.

Sure enough, sometime after we left, he ended up in the NICU for breathing.

I know so much more about babies and delivery than I ever wanted to know. I like to be prepared, so I read alot. I've also experienced an insane number of pregnancy complications in my three pregnancies, so I know about lots of complications of pregnancy and signs to watch for. I write on a great message board, so I get to see lots of situations and gather lots of information. I remember everything I read, so that helps. I swear, I don't even think it would be that hard to be an OB, except for the cutting/coordination part.

But, sometimes, I wish I was just blissfully ignorant.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Have A Name

We're not announcing it. And we are still thinking about a spelling and a middle name. But at least my baby has a name! And it's NOT Finnagin!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Insurance Checkpoint

I was already running a tiny bit late to work, when all traffic stopped on 642. Why oh why? Oh, looky, Ander, we are at an insurance checkpoint.

I dig through my glove compartment. Two different envelopes are labeled 06/26/08-12/26/08. Hmmm...isn't today 06/23/08? And where in the world is the 06/23/08 proof of insurance? Okay, don't panic. Think...think...maybe Alan mislabeled one of the two envelopes. Great, he did! I have proof of insurance that is valid today, and still valid until Thursday. I also have proof from 06/26/08 on, but that doesn't matter anyway.

Hello, Officer. Here's my proof of insurance. Yes, Ander, that is a cop. Yes, Ander, red light stop cop. {blush} Yes, Officer, I understand it expires on Thursday. I have proof of renewal until December, though. Pull aside? And show you proof until December? {fumes}

Luckily, I had the proof still in my lap and handed it to him, so I didn't have to pull aside. But my problem with that? I am not required by law to show any documentation of insurance coverage for next Friday. The law requires that I have current coverage, which the first document showed. Now, I wasn't going to argue. Had he asked to inspect my vehicle in anyway, I would have politely declined and told him that I would not comply without a warrant. (Let him try to get a local judge to give a warrant to inspect my car. ;)) But still, why the heck was the officer asking for something NOT required by law? And how much would that have scared someone who doesn't know the law? And, most important, what if Alan hadn't given me the proof for Friday? As long as I have it in my car by Friday, I haven't broken any law. So why does the cop think he has any right to ask for it? (He doesn't, by the way, but my kid was cahttering enough about cops to make me hurry through and move on.)


Maternity Leave

For all intensive purposes, my office manager has started her maternity leave. She'll be in two more mornings, just to make sure everything is in order, and that's it. Honestly, if I felt like she feels, I wouldn't even be there at all. But I can work from home some, and she can't. So there you are.

I'm not always in the office and cannot always be in the office. (For example, today I have to see a lawyer in LaPlace - on a paying matter, so no putting it off - and go to Office Depot to return a broken mouse. Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment and a home visit with a client who is really sick and cannot come into the office. On Wednesday, I have court. And that's just so far this week.) By the time I am nine months pregnant and miserable, Rachel will just barely be coming back. Sometimes, the office will just not be covered.

I revised my CLOSED sign to state that office hours are currently by appointment and give our phone number. I am leaving an outgoing message that reminds people that, until Rachel returns from maternity leave, office hours are by appointment, but they should certainly leave a message, as all phone calls are going to be returned as soon as possible.

Now we wait and see if culture is ready to accept this. I don't expect my clients to wait a single extra day to get anything done, just because Rachel isn't there. But no one will answer the phone. No one will open the door. I believe it's for good reason. My costs stay lower for clients by not hiring temporary staff (plus, all temporary staff can really do is take a message anyway :/). The work product should not be effected at all.

But can they handle this? Hmmm...I hope so. This is a big part of being a family-friendly workplace. It's a very small inconvenience for clients...very, very small. And it's only for 8 weeks or so. (I bet most don't even notice.)


I'm ready to be on maternity leave myself.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obsessed With the Birth

When I was pregnant with Ander, I just wanted to not think about the birth - at all. I wanted to pretend that babies DO NOT come out the way that they do. I didn't want a c-section (especially since I scar in a particularly non-attractive way and the doctors say I probably always will), but there was some draw to it. After all, I wouldn't have to get the baby out if I had a c-section.

This time, though, I've had the JOY of an epidural without the PAIN of c-section recovery, and while it wasn't a breeze, a delivery exactly like the one I had with Ander would be perfect.

But that's not the part of the birth I am obsessed about...LOL.

I'm worried the baby won't come back in the room with me. I don't think I could handle another NICU baby. It sucked so bad, and I was so tired, and ended up in the hospital myself...that is not an acceptable outcome. Every little Braxton-Hicks contraction makes me hold my breathe. I am constantly checking if my water is breaking, even though I am only 24 weeks along.

I don't want the birth to come too early, because I want my baby in the room with me and want the baby to come home with me. But I'm still ready for the birth to be over, so I can stop being scared of a different outcome.

Rachel (B.) and I have been talking a lot about visitors in the hospital because she's having her baby next week. Last time, I was sure I wanted lots of visitors. After all, I am very social. And I needed the visitors, to some extent, because I needed the distraction. But I had so much I needed to do, like visit the baby. Honestly (and predictably, with a family as big as mine), I had too many visitors. I didn't get enough sleep. I NEVER got to take a bath in the hospital (despite doctor's instructions to take three baths a day). I never had time, with rushing back and forth to the NICU.

At the same time, I don't want to limit visitors ahead of time. I still have memories of seeing Rachel (S.) after Nick was born. He was two hours old (I was only there because I was delivering Grandma from the airport...I don't want to see any of your sorry faces two hours after the baby arrives...;)) and she was enjoying a huge burger and fries! If all goes perfectly, I might still want tons of visitors. After all, I really am very social.

But I am not so innocent this time. I understand that things might not go perfectly. And I might need sleep, or a bath, or just time alone with my husband and Ander and my baby. So I'll play it by ear this time. I don't think there is anyway to keep the grandparents and aunts away, but I won't hesitate to kick them out this time when I get tired. (And if kicking them out means sending them to Outback to pick me up some cheese fries, well, all the better. ;)) And, obviously, the Godparents (well, the Godparent who can drive, at least...he he) will likely want to see the baby. But everyone else MIGHT (depending on my mood) have to wait until I (and baby, hopefully) get home.

At least I know my friends get this. They all visited last time only AFTER Alan posted that it was cool to visit. But my extended family...well, we shall see. Maybe I'll have Stac keep the delivery secret from everyone until the baby gets home. :) (Stac, are you that powerful that you could keep it secret?) I just know something might have to be different, depending on how things go, and I'll need to be stronger in asserting my choices and need to rest.

Now, you know that since I posted this, I'll probably whine to Alan the entire time I'm in the hospital that I'm bored and lonely, right? :/


Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, That Made Me Angry

Sprint called...on my cell phone where I pay Sprint for calls BY THE try and sell me a bigger cell plan.

I might have cussed. At the person calling.



Random Frog

Announcing Chelle's secret, "her crazy in-laws don't know about it," blog.

And, yes, I am a slacker about announcing. So go read the back posts. It is linked in my gutter.



Wowser, Ander was demanding last night. He was hungry. So my sister gave him cheese and crackers (she was snacking on them herself). He ate a couple, and then demanded supper. It was almost supper time, so I told him to ask nicely, which he did, and made him leftover tacos. He started to eat them, and ate half of them, but then demanded I take them away. "Take meat, mommy." He yelled that three times (as I am walking towards him), thrush the taco bowl at me, and drops it. It splatters all over the floor. Gre-ate.

He asks for more food. I give him yogurt (since there are no tacos left). He eats two bites. Then, he smears yogurt all over the table and says "I done." Sigh.

After cleaning up, again, he asks for cereal. I was eating cereal at this point, so I gave him a small handful. He KNOWS to eat at the table, but keeps leaving the table with the cereal. When I warn that I will take away the cereal if he doesn't eat at the table, he shoves it ALL in his mouth. Yuck.

After the cereal fiasco, he wants more food. I say no, no more food tonight. He was playing and wasting and being stubborn, and I was done.

Then Alan walked in the door. And he tried to play the same game with his daddy. Sigh. (Alan was weak and wanted to cave, but to his credit, he did not cave!)

And so it started again this morning.

"Mommy, get out of bed. I want dinner." "Ask nice, Ander." "Please."

"Cereal?" "No." "Toast?" "No." "Waffles?" "Yes."

Mommy makes waffles.

Ander looks at them. "I want cereal."


Obviously, he got waffles. And I want a nap. It's 7:30 a.m.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Type Like Crap

Have you noticed? LOL. Long ago, I had to make a choice to proofread or not. I'm actually a perfectionist when it comes to writing, but a poor typist. I am a three-fingered typist who never took (nor was I offered) typing in school. In order to find daily time to type a blog, I had to give up re-reading for typos. I had to give up my perfectionism. So I blog regularly, and you forgive my typos.

Tomorrow I hit 24 weeks. 24 weeks. It doesn't seem possible. The baby is viable in about a week. Not healthy. Labor in a week would be devastating. But the baby COULD survive. Wow.

I had a dream about babies last night. It was about Alan and his niece and nephew and when they were born. The dream told me to called the baby "Joel." I won't. I don't like the name "Joel." Unfortunately, we haven't found any other name we both like. Certainly not that we both love. Even if we were telling the name (we don't until the baby is born), we wouldn't have anything to say. Ugh. Naming is hard.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Intrigued

Occasionally, I work in a coffee shop in a neighboring town. It's very close (on teh way, actually) to the Office of Community Services, so on days when I have meetings there, I work at this particular coffee shop. I also run by Office Depot and Wal-mart for office supplies, if we need any. And, lately, I have a client who has a case in the area, so I sometimes drop by the courthouse to check the pleadings (though the lack of a ferry cramps my style).

I am intrigued (hence, my brilliant post title)by a pair of lesbians that frequent the coffee shop. Well, not by the ladies, per se, who seem to be just normal, quiet people, but by the reaction, or rather NONREACTION, of the people in the coffee shop. New Orleans is the next big city down the road, so I shouldn't be shocked that I never hear an unkind word or slur towards the lesbians, even after they cuddle in the booth (nothing more than a hug or something...nothing more, in fact far less, than Alan and I would do), hold hands, and are obvious about their coupledom. But I'm so used to living in a small town where somebody, almost guaranteed, would make an unkind remark either to them or as the leave, behind their back, that the total acceptance and tolerance is amazing to me.

I'm not claiming that people are thinking kind thoughts. But I can forgive people their stereotypes and prejudices, as long as people act appropriate. And kudos to the regulars at this coffee shop, for always acting appropriately. But I'm intrigued as to why. Because I bet that if someone did say an unkind word, I'd be one of the few people who actually would think it unkind.

Maybe society really is changing, at least a little bit, to be kinder to people who aren't just mainstream, "average" Americans. A girl can hope.


Birth TV

Between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., and then again while I'm cooking supper, I usually watch either the news or Discovery Health. It depends on how annoying the news happens to be. Both are good choices, because I don't have to watch either show completely through. I can check my e-mail, blog, have breakfast, feed and change Ander, take a bath, and do whatever else I need to do, while half watching the tv. As an added bonus, Ander is not very interactive until about 8 a.m. and just kind of veges out in front of his cartoons and breakfast.

I've heard complaints from people I know who want an unmedicated birth (which, compared to the number of people in American society at large, who mostly choose medicated births, is an inexplicliably large number of women) that tv doesn't show enough unmedicated births. I have to disagree. I'll be eating my waffle, and suddenly there's a woman in a birthing tub, screaming her head off. I breathing in little puffs. Or doing whatever she does to cope. I don't mind any show about birth (especially being pregnant, because who knows what I will learn and if the baby will come without an epi working for some unGodly reason). But there are at least two (of about 5 or 6 available) shows about unmedicated birth, plus some women in the regular birth shows choose unmedicated birth. Since most women choose an epi, I'm actually surprised about the large number of unmedicated births shown on tv. So I'm not sure were the complaints about tv not showing unmedicated births come from.

What I would like to see is a birth show where they show baby in mom's room after birth. The most popular birth show is about troubled births, so baby always goes to NICU. The next most popular is about birthing center births, so everyone just goes home. There are so few births that reflect the way most deliveries go in America. And since I wish for one of those usual American deliveries, and didn't get that last time, I'd love to see it.

I slept last night, so I'm in a slightly better mood.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I feel sucky. I'm tired and nauseous and have all sorts of lovely symptoms that are not fit for public consumption. My husband is being a butt (hey, it happens, and there's no use denying it's contributing to my foul mood) and I feel overwhlemed and stressed. I cannot seem to focus on work, though I've already dealt with a couple of client matters (before even leaving my house this morning, as they were time-sensitive).

I just want to go back to bed and start today over.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Why oh why must the weekend ever end? We should have work two days a week and weekends five days. That would rock.

Poor Alan had to do lots of chores on Father's Day weekend. I helped where I could, but cutting the grass is out. It's just too hot and any exercise makes me contract. I can help fold and put away laundry, but between my lack of balance and aforementioned contractions, carrying laundry from the bedrooms to the washer and dryer, without mishap, is just about impossible. Ditto bending down to load a dishwasher.

So I did the things I could. I folded socks and underwear. I cooked supper. (Yep, you heard right. Tacos. My family's favorite meal. Ander even ate a piece of tomato. Massive excitement and mega praising ensued.)

Alan and I discussed how consistent we are with Ander. It's kind of spooky how consistent we are. If we say the rule and the consequence, we follow through 99% of the time. It's almost inhuman how much we do that. But it seems to work without being overbearing for Ander. He's definitely not scared of us or anything. I think it works because we limit the number of rules, use lots of positive reinforcement (especially for cleaning up and eating veggies), and are pretty easy-going about what he does when. We also don't hesitate to make exceptions (like letting him sleep with us Friday night when he wasn't feeling well), but we label that stuff as special. He is starting to understand special stuff.

This blog isn't very coherent today, is it? Ah, well, I have tons of work to do anyway.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

No He Didn't

There's a political race for the district attorney's position in my town. As a lawyer, I personally know most of the candidates. And I understand, even as a defense attorney, that being tough on crime is the way to win the DA's position. (The pratical reality is that there are not enough jail spaces or resources to prosecute every crime, and a good DA recognizes a criminal who needs to be behind bars and one who is nonviolent and unlikely to repeat his/her crimes, but they never advertise such things. :/)

But one ad that arrived in my mailbox was unacceptable. I even like the candidate as a person. (Remember, I know him as a fellow attorney.) But the ad is horrifying!

There is a man currently on death row in our state for being a convicted serial killer. I know the man and his family. I never spoke to him, but I went to school with his sister, who looks just like him. They have a very distinctive look. As a child, the man lived next door to my grandma (and was a child himself). I would see him playing, or stealing veggies out of the garden. (They very poor, and my mom used to remind me not to say anything if they took a few veggies.)

When he was arrested for his serial killing spree, his image was plastered all over the local news. A man I knew, at least by sight, was a murderer. As a law student, I toured the state penitentary. He was on death row. He stared at me. I hoped he did not recognize me, and I felt sad - for his victims, for his family, for his soul.

So imagine my shock and surprise when I open my mail, and there's a big picture of the serial killer in my mailbox.

Apparently, the attorney running for DA had done the trial and gotten the conviction. Fine. That is appropriate to advertise if you want to be DA.

But scaring me to vote for you? Bringing up the old serial killer feelings? Not acceptable! The advertising was, in my opinion, inappropriate and weird.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Moisturizer

I haven't blogged since Tuesday. Surely you are suffering from withdrawals? I have no real excuse. I was very busy at work Monday through Wednesday, both because of tons of new clients and because my mom went on vacation yesterday and today, so I had a shortened work week. I do have a doctor's appointment, work errands to run, and some peladings to file (at my office) today, so it's not like I am sitting around the house today either.

Yesterday, Ander and I went to the Splash Park. Wow. It was so much fun. It was hot, of course, but Ander stayed in the water and I got to choose how much water mist I wanted. We were with his playgroup, so there were other kids we knew and other parents that I've met at least a couple of times. Also, the park is designed to appeal to kids of all ages. That means the older kids stay in the more exciting areas, and the younger ones tend towards the less exciting areas. It's practically eliminates bullying. I loved it!

In other news, I think I've found the perfect moisturizer. It's Oil of Olay, with SPF, for oily skin, in the jar. I also found the perfect lip gloss, and the gloss is being discontinued after I have used only three tubes of it, so I'm holding my breathe.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good Doctor's Appointment

My cervix is VERY LONG and closed, despite my recent contracting. I don't have to go back to the high risk specialist for 4 weeks, which is terrific news, since we have to find a sitter (overnight) for Ander in order to make our 8 a.m. appointments. (If we don't find a sitter, though, I guess I could always make Brendan spend the night at my house and watch Ander in the waiting room. Hmmm...good idea.)

The baby would not give us a good look, though, at his profile or face. He looked like...take your pic...a puppy, a camel, or a devil. The doctor said he saw an omen in there. :) I rather like Dr. Diket, despite his uncool name. He's funny and smart and lively. I could imagine having supper with him and laughing the whole time. And since he hasn't had to examine me (they just use the "probe" to check the cervix), I don't feel like he's seen too much. 'Cause who wants dinner with someone who's seen too much, right?

My blood pressure was high on the top reading, but not the bottom. Whatever that means. I've gained 16 pounds so far this pregnancy, which is fine. Oh, EXCEPT that I have 18 weeks to go! Sucks, really.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleeping In

Ander slept until 7:44 a.m.!!! Mommy did, too, and she is very happy for it. The bad part is that he won't see Daddy at all today because he woke after Daddy left for work. And he's spending the night with Jen due to a sonogram in the morning. It's my usually high risk sonogram, and no children are allowed in those.

I wish the baby was moving more. A week or so ago, he was kicking like crazy. But this weekend, there's been barely anything. It makes me worry. As soon as I get really freaked, he usually gives me one little kick. But that's it. It's hard to explain if you haven't had a baby in your belly, but you do "know" it's a kick. However, the lack of other kicks still makes me very nervous. Even having oj and laying down for a few minutes isn't resulting in more than one or two little kicks. Everything I read say that is okay at this point, and that kicks don't become regular until 26 weeks or so (I'm at 22), but I still really need to see an okay baby on that sonogram tomorrow.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Conversations

At a party at E's last night, we discussed our blogs quite a bit. It's interesting listening to all the reasons people blog and the topics that people are most interested in writing about. I sometimes forget that people actually read my blog. It's neat to hear then talk about it.

I also finally got to meet Robin's guy, Mike. He was quieter than I thought a comedian would be.

And, OH, THE CHICKEN. I could have eaten the chicken crust all night! I'm not sure if P enjoyed his party, as he cooked the whole time, but Baby Box LOVED the chicken. (Have I already said that? LOL.)


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Morning TV

I probably watch more tv on Saturday morning than any other time during the week. Alan and I play on our computers and Ander plays on the floor. We don't feel guilty, because we get to play with him all day, and he is still sleepy enough to not mind playing alone. But it means we all watch tv.

And Saturday morning tv sucks. Hello, moms are up on Saturday mornings. How about some decent programming?


Friday, June 6, 2008

Didn't Sleep All Night

I'm starting to be very uncomfortable in bed. The baby wasn't very active either, so I kept waking up and doing kick counts. I don't know why I'm so paranoid, but I'll feel much better in 8 weeks, when the baby is 30 weeks and there's less risk of problems.

This morning I'm going to court, just as a friend of a witness. The witness is nervous, so I told her I'd go sit with her in the courtroom. (her insurance hired her lawyer.) It'll be very different than my usual courtroom experience.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Little Dictator

Ander is DEMANDING things. No asking nice. No please. Just a hard slap and a "now, mommy."

I never give in. Not once. He gets a warning. He gets a timeout. He's good after that.

So how come he still continues this behavior the next day.

Age 2 sucks.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mommy Servants

I was reading a blog about working versus stay-at-home moms, and the blogger wrote about how some moms are servants to their child. (She was referring to SAHMs, but I'm not convinced that this phenomenan is limited to SAHMs. I see lots of working moms who do the same thing.)

I am not a servant to my child. I expect him to be very self-sufficient and try to teach him how. It's little things, but it makes a huge difference. He eats, and then he empties his plate into the garbage, and then he puts his plate in the sink. Yesterday, we had a stand-off while he refused to pick up his blocks. No new toys to play with until blocks were picked up. Eventually, he picked them up.

I do not expect him to be independent and self-sufficient, though, for him to clean up the house for me. In fact, it would have taken HALF the effort and energy to just pick up the darn blocks myself. I am, in an ironic way, doing a service to my child, when I teach him how to fend for himself. If he is anything like his mommy, he'll be out of the house by 15, away at LSMSA. That means I have 13 more short years to get hhim ready.

I hear parents justify "serving" their children many ways. It's easier. He'll cry. He cannot do it himself.

Those poor kids. They are missing out on so many possibilities.

And if they clean up the table after themselves, it leaves more time for playing, hugging, and cuddling!



So, I really am walking most nights now. I make it down the street. I make it up the street. Once. And then I'm tired and my stomach gets hard and if I go any further, I get contractions. So I lay down and rest (and watch Battlestar) until sleep time. I even take catnaps on the sofa. Alan lets Ander stay up a little late, as he cuddles with mommy and takes a cartoon-watching catnap himself.

I'm not to the point that I'm tired all the time. I just can't afford the extra energy to exercise, though exercise of some sort is essential.

I wonder what it will be like after the baby comes. I plan to get back into shape, like I did after Ander. But there'll be no Strollerfit this time, as the teacher has left the country. So I'll find my own way. The Y closest to my house doesn't do childcare until 6 months. Natchdaddy will be home on time most days, but eventually will start working late again. There's a cheap cheap cheap gym in Lutcher, with aerobics classes, but my mom doesn't like to babysit for working out (which she seems to consider playing), so I'd need another sitter. Sigh. Good thing I'm getting a double stroller. But it's a Sit 'N Stand, and I'm afraid Ander won't stay in it long enough for a real workout, even as patient as he is.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am currently getting about 28 miles to a gallon and paying $0.14 PER MILE for gas. Ugh. I might as well just stay home.



Rachel will be taking maternity leave. I will have to run the office by myself. I've done it before, but it's hard. In part, it's hard because Rachel does things everyday that I USED to do everyday, but now do only rarely. Do you know how much longer it takes to set a margin or change a printer cartridge when you don't do it on a regular basis? Plus, my work is not only NOT going away; it's also more important so that I make enough money to cover the office bills while I'm on maternity leave myself. I get the most work done on days when I run out to a coffeeshop and work there all day. That's not a real possibility on a regular basis when you are the person opening the office and answering the phone. I'm very reliant on Rachel, and therfore very nervous.

On the other hand, I can't wait to meet my new Godchild!


Monday, June 2, 2008

A Link

I know, I rarely post an actual link. But this post, while not perfect by any means, spoke to me.

The bottom line, for those who don't read links (like me...guilty, guilty, guilty {blushing}), is that if you make plans, you should stick to them if you can. And you should arrive on time, or call if you really can't, because you've inconvenienced someone else if you haven't been courteous. But that lady said it better than I ever could! I've been having this problem a lot lately with clients, but at least in those cases, I am able to work in my office. When I drag my lazy butt out to have dinner or a playdate and people are late...that's when I get all crazy.

In other news, the baby has been kicking me like crazy today. Weirdly, he is kicking on my far left side. He rarely kicks in the center. He seems to really like my left. He'll move around, especially if Alan puts his hand on my tummy, but mostly he hangs to the left.

And have I mentioned that Ander has figured out where the baby is. (I might have said this already. Forgive me - pregnancy brain.) "That baby is in your hole, mommy." Fortunately, he means my belly button. :)


Oh Dreary Monday

It's hot and, even though I slept well last night, I just want to go back to bed. I woke up sleepy. The avoidance of caffeine when pregnant really hits me on days like today.

Really, there is no reason for me to be sleepy. We had a wonderful weekend. After visiting Alan at work on Friday for lunch, we also went out Saturday night for our anniversary, and enjoyed Sunday with a family walk. I was very relaxed this weekend. I wish more weekends could be like this one. Maybe I just don't want it to end!

I also accomplished a lot around the house. I cleaned out the bathroom closet. I cooked two meals, complete wiht leftovers for the week and for the freezer. I kept the kitchen and living room clear of clutter. I organized my shoes and moved all the clothes that are wintery to the top of the closet. I put away all bags and suitcases that aren't in use. Hey, maybe all that is why I'm tired?


Sunday, June 1, 2008


we are going to try the Catholic Church next to our house. We like St. George, but we never make it there. There are two reasons. One is that it's too far away. It takes all of Sunday morning by the time we dress, drive, attend, and drive home. The other reason is because the cry room is sucky and inadequate. It is packed full of older kids who should not be in there, and they are loud and play, and there are no song books.

We'll see how this goes. I'm very picky about my Church, because my politics are different than most South Louisiana Catholics. And I'm picky because I don't always agree with the Catholic Church, but feel that I should go and worship and learn anyway...and that either I will continue to disagree but with full moral conviction behind my disagreements with Church teachings or will change my mind, if there is a moral reason to do so.