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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Know What Sucks

Thinking morning sickness is gone, only to have it back with a vengence! I puked/dry-heaved over the toilet for so long this morning that I didn't even have time to shower before going to court. I feel extremely yucky. I've been at work since 9 a.m., and while I've gotten tons done, I am about to go to my mom's house and lie down. I have a headache (I've been getting those when the morning sickness hits lately) and it's gotten really bad as the afternoon wears on. It probably doesn't help that I worked straight through lunch.

I'm at 13 (almost 14) weeks. This crap has to end!


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Miss-buggy said...

did you eat something for lunch? I know I am late on replying, but what can you do...I still read your blog...
This one must be a girl. Making you throw up that bad. I forget, were you like that with your other pregnancy? (annonimity?)(spell much!)