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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Didn't Throw Up Yet

That's a great thing, right? I'm been up since 6 a.m. (about an hour earlier than usual), so hopefully I've missed throwing up so far. I'm feeling like crap, but hopefully that will subside, too, as the day goes on.

I can't wait until July. In July, I'll be done with the two adult felony cases I have. Adult felonies are not my favorite type of cases to do. Also, Alan will be done with session. I'll be closer to my due date (October 10, but I'm expected to deliver in late September). Rachel B. will be out at work, which sucks, but to have her baby, so that's very exciting! I think I'm looking forward to July more than October, just because I'm so nervous about delivery and having a new baby. But in July, that won't have happened yet, plus Alan will be around more.


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Stac Cole said...

Um...I forgot about this morning til I got downtown. Bren has practice in Dutchtown tonight so I will stop by on our way there! Sorry :(