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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Subway Sandwich

A shout out to Paca for posting something that, I swear, I was planning to post this week, because I had a foot long sub and it was yummy and I never eat the whole foot long but I'm pregnant and hungry, darnit.

How I Like My Subway:

6 inch (usually ;)) steak (the old, yummy steak...but I deal with the new, chewy, not good steak) on wheat
No cheese
Double tomatoes
A bit of onion
A drizzle (very light) of oil
Lots of vinegar
Sometimes a drizzle of ranch (but no oil then)
Pickles (that I have added last and pick off and eat ON THE SIDE)

What's your sub?


Stac Cole said...

Can you tell I'll do almost anything to avoid working?....

My favorite sub:

6" on Parmesan/Oregano Bread
turkey breast
pepper jack cheese
lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, jalapenos, black olives, salt and pepper, spicy mustard
Oh, and I get them to cut it in half.

With a bag of pretzels or 2 cookies.

Doggone, now I'm hungry.

Oh, and I must add, subway has the BEST pizzas!

Giftie Etcetera said...

I forgot TOASTED!!!

Frog said...

Ahh, I go to Subway a LOT right now. Right across the street from my office and it's tax season so short, short lunches... My usual..

6" Chicken Teriyaki (The best at this Subway only because they keep it warm soaking in the juices like the hot roast beef) on wheat, american cheese, lettuce, carrots and sweet onion sauce - toasted

Sometimes I get it as a salad. The same except no bread.

When I get tired of that, it's turkey, cheese, lettuce, carrots and honey mustard on wheat.

Stac Cole said...

Hot roast beef? I can't find that at ANY of the Subway's around here!! No fair.

Anonymous said...

6" on honey wheat
Turkey and Ham
no cheese
lettuce tomatoes
lots of salt and pepper
honey mustard.


pacatrue said...

I hope this spreads around the world.

Mathochist said...

Fun post! One saturday our junior year I slept past brunch and woke up starving. There was a college guy down visiting his friends and I promised to marry him if he would go get me a Subway sandwich, because I didn't have the energy to walk and get it myself. I didn't mean it, of course, but was so hungry I'd agree to anything. Lucky for me he held me to it. ;)

Double meat steak wrap (I agree the new steak sucks!), no cheese. Light lettuce, tomatoes, extra pickles, light bell pepper. Spicy mustard. Salt & Vinegar chips.

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