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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heart Rate 162

The baby's heart rate seems to always be 162. It's amazing that it is so consistent. The doctor says I'm doing fine. I've gained two pounds through the entire first trimester, which is about right. (Honestly, I lost about five and gained back around 7, and most of the gain was in the last week, but shhh...there's no need for the doctor to know that.)

I do have to start testing my blood sugar once a week. Four pricks a day. (I wonder how many pervs will hit my site because I used the word "pricks.") That sucks. He says he doesn't expect me to show signs of gestational diabetes before 20 weeks, but given my history and my insulin resistance, it's better to catch it early. He set a guideline of 90/120. Basically, my fasting blood sugar has to stay below 90, and one hour after eating, it should be below 120, or I get a diagnosis and special eating plan. Sigh.

I'm working at Highland Coffees today, and can I tell you that their wi fi took me an hour to connect to. Then, magically, it just connected. Go figure.


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