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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Is Crazy

My day was insane. I paid bills for the office (since Rach B. is out), filed three sets of pleadings in some criminal cases, attended a hearing (a very sad one :( ), signed two loans (house and renewal of business line of credit) at a bank in Baton Rouge, visited Grandmother in the hospital with Ander, and am just getting home (around 5 p.m.). No call from Alan yet, so he must be working major overtime.

Ander was really good at the hospital. It helped that Grandmother is clearly feeling much better, so she gave him lots of attention. I was just planning to pop in for five minutes and let Grandmother see him for a bit, but he was so good and Grandmother was clearly enjoying the visit, so we stayed for an hour and a half. He used his whisper voice, talked to the nurses who came in, and was generally excellently behaved. I was amazed. It was like he knew it was important, in the hospital, to behave. At one point, he jumped on the couch. I started to say, "Ander, don't jump..." and he interrupted. "I sorry mommy. I need a timeout." He walked to the corner, took a deep breath, and then came out and said, "okay, Ander no jump now." It was adorable.

I am still puking. Puked this morning. Thinking about puking right now. (How would pb&j, chocolate milk, and pickles taste coming up? Yuck!)


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