Sunday, September 19, 2010


This past week was so busy that I had to cut corners somewhere. Mostly, I slept less, which was likely unfortunate for everyone around me. I ate less, too, just because I didn't have time to eat. But, mostly, I did things a little less thoroughly than I usually would. I wasn't 100% at anything. And I felt (unreasonable) guilt about it the entire time. Every second that the tv babysat my kids, every moment that I was tired and had to reread a sentence at the office, every hour that I threw things into boxes instead of sorting and packing - I feel guilty.

Instead, I need to learn from this crazy last week. I have priorities and they are the most important things. Unlike the past, when work was everything, I need to focus in other places. Maybe I could give 95% at work or something. :) Seriously, though, my kids and husband need someone kinder and more relaxed. I need to find time to grocery shop, cook, and work out. I need to keep our space usable (while, mostly, Alan keeps it clean). I need to find time for myself, to read, blog, and recharge (translation: sip my coffee instead of gulping it).

This whole idea of reprioritizing scares my husband, I suspect. He is scared not giving a 100% means I won't make enough money or that I'll laze around on the couch. But it doesn't mean that at all. It means I can focus on my family and my health (both mental and physical), instead of stressing like a crazy person.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Packing Boxes

Home Depot is one of the cheapest places to get packing boxes. Who knew? We didn't. We've never needed to pack so fast before. But since we put the house on the market on Thursday, so need to pack the *extra* stuff so that the house looks as empty as a lived in house can look, for showings to potential buyers. We rented a POD and spent yesterday boxing things up. It's hard work and requires a lot of thinking, since you still need to be able to find everything if you need it.

I am doing boxes by the room they will go to in the new house. You know, assuming there eventually is a new house. I note the room on the top and two opposite sides of the box and list the contents on one side. I'm really trying to purge whenever possible so that there's less to store and unpack. If it's over four years since we used something (about when we moved into our house), I toss (Goodwill, recycle, or garbage) unless there is an overwhelming reason not to do so. Once boxed, Alan takes the item to the POD. It's a pretty smooth process, except that Alan is also washing the house and fixing little things the whole time.

Monday, people can start peeking in our closets. I am not ready for that.