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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


On Friday, I reach 17 weeks. I also have my first doctor's appointment in almost 5 weeks. I have NEVER gone five weeks in a pregnancy without a single doctor's appointment. I've NEVER gone two weeks in a pregnancy without a doctor's appointment. So I'm really nervous. I mean, I know the chances of losing a baby at 17 weeks and beyond are really, really slim, but it's nice to hear that heartbeat on a regular basis, you know?

Also, symptom wise, I'm still having a hard time. It's almost difficult to say this, because the hard time I had with Ander was MUCH HARDER. But I'm still puking 2-4 days per week. And I still have little or no appetite. At 17 weeks, I'm still not gaining weight, though my belly is much bigger. My uterus actually hurts as it stretches. My back is killing me. KILLING ME.

And Alan, of course, is working crazy overtime. Ander's being great...and he loves mommy time, but he misses daddy.


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