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Monday, April 7, 2008

I Don't Need Music

I was driving to my house on Saturday afternoon, after hanging out with Rachel and Zoe. As is the usual case for me, I did NOT have the radio on. I also don't have art on my walls. Honestly, I've never been into music or art. Oh, there's the ocassional song or singer that I like. But I would never purposely put on their CD. I've never learned to download to an IPOD. When I work out, I don't wear headphones. And while I sometimes see art on other peoples' walls and think, "how cool," it not worth the bother to put any on my wall.

So what's with me? What kind of intelligent person ignores music and art?

I just think I don't need it. I assume it fills some space in others' thoughts. U2 plays in the background, and other people get a chemical reaction. I, maybe, if it's exactly the right song, might have a memory associated with it. But few songs evoke feelings. Art doesn't evoke feelings. I think, maybe, I'm wired differently.



Mamaebeth said...

i think being tone deaf is probably a part of it too.

Frog said...

I love both! I just think different things are for different people. Just with lawns! I want mine to look great and other people don't care about it.

Brien Louque said...

I think Beth may be on to something....

Derwinicus said...

Isn't it funny how different people consider different things important to them? I couldn't live without music and though I don't necessarily have paintings adorning the walls of my house, I do like to have things up on the walls. Most of our decorations are from our travels so there are memories of the trips associated with each thing.

pacatrue said...

Well, there is an actual psychological syndrome called Congential Amusia, i.e., tone deafness. But it's pretty rare in healthy people, so odds are that music is just not your thing. However, I would guess that music does have an effect on you; it's just not something you consciously seek out. For instance, imagine a movie you like with a different soundtrack. The Psycho shower scene with Flight of the Bumblebee or Darth Vader walking among the stormtroopers while Tiptoe through the Tulips plays.

I think I'm like you with visual art. I will show up at a museum every couple years, but mostly because it's culturally interesting as opposed to wanting the experience of the art itself.

N never pursues visual art in museums, at least not more than me, but she very much enjoys making something with her hands, just because it's fun to make stuff. I couldn't care less about that generally.