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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Major Parenting Mistake

We let Ander spend a night at the grandparents. Complete with some time getting spoiled by the aunt and uncle.

And then, once he got home, we took him out, to a restaurant, to supper.

Sigh. I should have known it would go bad when my mom proudly announced how a) she didn't let Ander sleep downstairs in the spare room where he usually naps because he would have been too cold and all alone and b) at 3 a.m., it was so cute that he woke up and said "I scared, Paw Paw" that Paw Paw let him climb in bed with him for the rest of the night.

Yet, we bravely took him to supper, well, because it's Alan's birthday, darn it.

He got two time outs. He screamed and yelled. He was rude and disrespectful (hence, the timeouts).

Then he came home, and cried when we tucked him in. That's a pretty rare event.

Clearly, he came home spoiled.



Anonymous said...

Hey, tell natchdaddy happy birthday from me! Sorry the grandparents ruined Ander for the day :)


Stac Cole said...
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Stac Cole said...

Funny how you seem so shocked. Because I CLEARLY remember Brendan coming home the same way after you and Alan took him for the night. (sometimes he STILL DOES) And when I would mention it, you'd just smile and shrug your shoulders. I'm just sayin.... ;)