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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Starbucks Is Unacceptable

I mean, why can't they just be better, if they are going to charge so much and be on every freakin' corner. I walked out without buying anything today.

I go to Starbucks ocassionally. They always have an empty table, even when CC's is packed, so they are my back-up plan. They make a mean eggnog latte, though CC's does now, too. And some of my friends like to go there. One friend in particular wants to go there all the time, and I always have a good time with her. If you are not studying or working, it's a quiet place to hang out. I can't stand the straight coffee there, but the (more fatty and therefore usually avoided) fancy drinks are pretty good. And E and the husbands and kids went there with me last week, and it was great (except for the lack of a changing table).

But today, Starbucks proved unacceptable again. First, they have no microwaves. Have you tasted a cold, unwarmed croissant? Second, and more important, they have no wi-fi at the Starbucks in Gonzales. How crazy is that? After asking both questions and getting two no answers, I smiled politely, and walked out.



pacatrue said...

I don't think I've ever heard of buying a croissant pastry and heating it up. But then I don't like coffee of any sorts, so my taste buds are clearly messed up.

Frog said...

I tried to use my computer one day in their parking lot and thought it was odd that there was no wi-fi. I didn't go in to ask about it so I thought maybe I just couldn't get a signal. They don't have very good tea and I don't drink coffee so... the frappie drinks are okay but expensive.

Anonymous said...

The SB closest to me, in Atascocita (about 10 minute drive) has Wi-Fi, but you have to pay to play!!! I never did like the coffee at SB, CCs was much better... Now, if only I could get the company to by Community instead of Folgers....