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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm Swamped At Work

No big surprise, right? But I'm really trying to bill a certain amount each month, and since I'm one of those rare lawyers who only bills for work I actually do, it takes a lot of effort. Even more when I have two doctor's appointments this week and one week after next, and that's just normal stuff. What happens when I get pregnant again? Oh, and I really should see a dentist soon.

How do people on this CW show I'm watching (that I have no idea what it is but really like) have such good hair? (Oh, it's apparently One Tree Hill.)

I want good hair.


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Stac Cole said...

You know how your hair looks all cute and fixed when you go get it cut but you can never seem to emulate that look when you try and do it yourself? Well, imaging having a hair and makeup person at your disposal everyday. You would then have great hair all the time ;)

Hey, maybe if you would bill some more you could afford to have that :) heeheehee