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Monday, January 28, 2008

I Try To Be An Active Poster

I really do. I figure active posting fosters loyal readers. Yet many of my friends (not the ones reading this entry, of course) forget to regularly check my blog. They find out about the miscarriage a couple of months later. Or they assume I'll be in town on days when I've clearly said I'll not be, to all the stalkers' delights. So, infrequent readers, put a daily note on your calendar to read my blog. Or set up an RSS feed. Or do what I do, and use Google Reader everyday. You'll be a better - or at least a better informed about me - person for it.

I had an appointment scheduled with my G/I doctor tomorrow afternoon. Today, at lunchtime, with barely 24 hours notice, she cancelled. Is she sick? Does she have emergency surgery? Did someone die?

Um, no, she'll be out of town.

Huh? Didn't she know last week, when she gave me absolutely no info at all about my procedure, that she would be out of town?!?

Of course, my follow-up with my internist is two days later, so now my internist has to call the G/I doc for results. Sigh. I am not happy with this G/I doc at all.



Frog said...

How does google reader work??

Brien Louque said...

I actually use Google Desktop - that way I can not only read blogs but also any other things (i.e. news, weather, shopping deals, commics, etc.) and organize them. If you want to use Google Reader, you just go to http://reader.google.com, log in with your Google username and password, click the button to start adding feeds, then click on the Add Subscription link on the left side and paste this in:


That'll add it to the reader. What's nice is you can add anything you find to the reader and share it with others via a feed which they can subscribe to, so if you see a website you think others would like you just share it and it'll show up for them.

Miss-buggy said...

oh! I would NOT be happy either!!
I must admit I have fallen off the blogging a bit. I need to get back into it more. I used to do more. I just am not sure I have anything to talk about that people would want to read. LOL