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Friday, January 4, 2008

Translator Needed

"I tee tee."

"What's wrong with your tv, baby?"

Little hands in air. "I tee tee."

"You want me to change the channel?"

Little hands wave frantically in the air. "I tee tee."

"Put the tv louder? Turn it off?"

Little eyes roll. Little hands wave wildly. "Noooooo, I sti-ick-eeee!"

Oh, of course. May I wash your little hands, which clearly suddenly became sticky from, um, I guess from eating that bite of cereal off of my spoon that didn't touch your hands at all.

Little mouth smiles in glee. Little hands rub against dampened paper towel. Little feet run back to living room and resume ignoring mommy and watching tee tee.


1 comment:

Mathochist said...

Oh, I just LOVE that look of giddy glee they get when they make themselves understood!