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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Or maybe at least a vegetarian? Alan and I went to Cabelo's last night. I know, I know. We asked for it. But the fudge was delicious and the fish were great.

The problem started, though, in the parking lot. Our car is too little and gets lost and lonely among those gas guzzling big trucks. Now, I'm from the South. I thought I was used to big trucks. I thought I could get past the harm to the environment, by contemplating how all these people probably use those trucks to build there own homes and tow stranded people off the side of the road. Nope. All I could think is, "wow, we are killing the earth."

Then there was the gun check. Yep, please check your guns here. And no one actually manning the desk or actually stopping to check their guns. Scare-ree. I've read and studied the Second Amendment. I support the Second Amendment. I do not share the NRA's view that the Second Amendment means everyone should be entitled to own any gun, but I do think the Constitution makes it clear that we should be entitled to bear arms. I don't, however, think we should be absolutely entitled to use them, until and unless necessity arises, including the necessity to rise up against a tyrannical government. Oh, and I'll will concede that the Bush administration has done a great job of approaching the level of tyrannical, but even they have failed to reach that level. But, hey, I knew what I was walking into, know thou enemy and all that, so I pushed forward.

I found myself in front of the Dead Animal Exhibit (okay, so to be fair, that's not what the store calls the exhibit). My 1-year-old is oohing and aahing the cool animals. I am explaining that the Polar Bear is an endangered species, almost crying, and contemplating vegetarianism. And I don't even like animals.


So you should do everything once, right?



Anonymous said...

I'll tell you the same thing I told my sister. At least some of those animals are probably fake. We have a mix at my office, a couple fake, and most of the rest are road kill.

Stac Cole said...

To be fair, Cabella's doesn't actively hunt and kill endangered species. They take them after they are found dead in the wild and the scientist do all their tests on them. Then Cabella's takes them and makes them all pretty and puts some pretty informative information about how they live and why they are endangered, etc. etc.

Oh, and the fudge is the BEST part of Cabella's!!!

Patrick Horne said...

How is the whole thing, and what you are longing to say about this hunting planning, in my view it’s very splendid on behalf of me.

Jerry Gonzalez said...

Yep, the Polar Bear is an endangered species...