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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Black Binder

Have I told my loyal readers (I suspect I have about three truly loyal readers...but whatever) about my balck binder? It's fascinating stuff, truly. Sit back and enjoy.

You see, everyone understands a planner/pda. Whether you have one or not, you know what goes in one. Events go in the calendar. To do lists carry around the lists of tasks you need to do. If you are hyperorganized like me, memos list things like ideas for dinners, master packing lists, and last year's Christmas list.

And file cabinets are easy, right? Warrantees, your birth certificate, and tax records go there.

But what about everything else? What about coupons, receipts that need to go to work to file, cards that need to be signed and mailed, bills to be paid, and directions to your cousin's wedding? Those can't go in a pda (since it has no space) and a file isn't appropriate (as it is more permanent). Most people keep that stuff in a pile on the counter.

Not me. It all goes in my trusty black binder. I keep the BB, as I call it, in my laptop case. In the pocket on the inside cover, I keep in-box items (anything not yet processed, like the card when I first buy it or the invitation before I enter it on my calendar). The 8 plastic drop in folders are labeled TODAY, TASKS (already entered in pda), MEMOS/DOCS/PENDING (things I'm holding onto for some reason - like a background research document for something I am working on), OUT - WORKBOUND, OUT - HOMEBOUND, and 3 special topics folders, for things like planning Ander's birthday party. The BB also had a pen, post-its, business cards, and a yellow legal pad.

Too much info? :)



Miss-buggy said...

wow that actually sounds like a very organized system. Good for you!

Mathochist said...

I wish I had 1/2 of 1% of your organizational skills!