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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2008 is not even 12 hours old, and I've already done at least one thing I've never done before. I've also woke up in the worse mood. I have a bit of a cold. I didn't get enough sleep last night - who did? A "friend" was not very nice to me. Alan is in a work, work, work mode. Sigh. I'm tired and cranky. I prefer to spread work out and do a little each day. But Alan cannot/will not work that way, and if I cram in everything we have to do today and don't get over this funk and exhaustion, I will never do well at work tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of my new business plan, so it's important that I do well.

I need another week off.



pacatrue said...

Umm, so what was this new thing?

Stac Cole said...

Work, work, work mode? Like cleaning out closets and moving stuff to the attic and taking trash to the dump and cleaning out cabinets and toyboxes, and going through dressers and closets weeding out clothes that no longer fit anyone? 'Cause that's how I spent MY first day of 2008 :/

Here's to a new year!

Frog said...

I'm the same as Alan and Burnell is like you. I like to just finish it all while I'm on the go. No, Burnell likes to do small amounts at a time. Drives me crazy. Sorry!!!