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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I'm about to turn 33. 33 seems old. Older than 30. I think it's the waiting until after my 20s to have kids that makes me feel so ancient. (Try knowing that if you do get pregnant, you might be considered advanced maternal age.) My hair is turning gray and getting thinner. I need coffee to wake up in the morning. I need more sleep. I have more health issues. I have, gasp, wrinkly hands.

So where's all the good stuff? Where's the respect that comes with age? The gracefulness? The calm? The sitting on the porch in a rocking chair...okay, that's probably a while away.

But still, I feel old.

My apologies to my loyal readers over 33. This is a self-reflection, and not a commentary on the state of your body. I'm sure you look and feel rockin'. ;)



Stac Cole said...

I'll be 30 this year (yikes!) and while I didn't ever think of me as the person who was "afraid" to get old, I find myself DREADING my birthday this year. I guess I've just come to realize that getting old is hell. 30 is supposedly the new 20....we'll see..

Happy early birthday!

Anonymous said...

Get the woman a cane, she is getting so old! Wait, 33 is NOT old girl, you are only as young as you feel and I am sure Ander keeps you young. Let's not forget your husband is older that married an old guy then. LOL! Happy Early Birthday


(I can't remember my password)

Frog said...

Happy early birthday!! You are still one year younger than me so you are doing good!!