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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Mornings

My mornings are about to change. Right now, I get to do a few chores and get ready slowly 2-3 days a week because of Strollerfit. But once I start the Y in February, I will have to leave the house at 8:30 a.m. Which means that I lose a half hour of time that I generally spend on chores. I'm really worried that my house will get really messy.

I just don't understand people whose houses stay clean all the time. *cough* Michelle *cough*. How do they do it?



Frog said...

You are crazy!! To keep my house clean I follow this schedule - I don't really clean in the morning before work. I only have time to get dressed and get Tad dressed and then out the door. So usually it's pretty clean in the morning. When I get home Tad plays with his toys, we cook dinner. After dinner we clean kitchen. When Tad goes to bed I pick up the toys, find all the pieces to the toys and put them all away. I'm obsessed with making sure all the pieces are with the toys when I put them away at night. I then pick up anything else that needs to get done. Once a week on Saturday or Sunday I do the rest of the cleaning. Wash clothes, vaccuum, mop, clean bathrooms, clean kitchen (microwave, stove, wipe counters down). I don't have to do much during the week because we are pretty good about putting things away as we go. It doesn't seem like much. The biggest part is the weekend. It takes me about 2 hours to clean on Saturday. I can usually do it while Tad's napping.

Mathochist said...

If it makes you feel any better, your house on its dirtiest day is probably cleaner than mine on it's cleanest. (Of course, knowing your propensity for clean, that thought probably just grosses you out...)

Just in case nobody has said this to you explicitly... it is OK to lower your housekeeping standards a bit when you have babies/toddlers to care for. ESPECIALLY if you also have an outside job on top of that!!!

Brien Louque said...

What about possibly getting someone in once a week or once every two weeks to come in and clean? I know that just having somebody come to clean seemed to make a difference in the house getting clean even before that person cleaned the house.

Frog said...

I agree with Brien, hire a maid. Personally, I can't justify spending the money. Maybe cleaning is stress relief for me. I really don't mind doing it. Having a child didn't lower my expecations. I still expect things to be the same. Maybe crazy, but that's just me!! I still try to do as much as I did pre-Tad.