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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Challenge For Loyal Reader


I'd love to hear about a day in the life of my loyal readers. How about Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday blog and comment below linking your blog (or just a comment below, if you don't have your own blog) about a day in your life?

I'll try to write mine down as the day passes tomorrow, and then write an entry on Thursday.



Mamaebeth said...

what do you mean? like a broad overview of my day? a to the minute detail of my day? or even what i think about during the day?

maybe i'll wait for yours.

Giftie Etcetera said...

How you decide to do it and what you include, I think, is as interesting as what you write.

Aggiedoone said...

Ok. I can't be very specific, mind you. I will use "object/s" in place of the things I work with and see how that comes out.

Frog said...

Day in the life of Michelle (yesterday)

6:00 - get Tad out of bed, change diaper, clothes, bring him downstairs and give him cup of milk, lay down for a few more minutes
6:30 - take shower, get dressed
7:05 - leave house and bring Tad to daycare
7:45 - arrive at work
8:00 - 12:00 - do various work for clients, send emails for work, (meet a client at 9:30 in office)
12:00 - walk to Subway, then back to work to eat
12:45 - work on more client accounting work
1:25 - meet a research software rep to discuss changing software
3:00 - leave office to meet a client
3:20 - arrive at client's office and do accounting work
4:30 - leave client's office and drive to daycare to get Tad
5:00 - pick up Tad
5:15 - arrive home with Tad and play with him, talk to B, eat a yummy salad
6:15 - try to feed Tad and eat dinner
6:30 - put Tad to bed (he's really tired tonight)
6:40 - take bath and read Bible while bathing
7:00 - watch Biggest Loser and play Guitar Hero III during commercials, talk to Burnell, pick up Tad's toys (search for all the pieces to the toys)
9:00 - watch American Idol
10:15 - go to bed

That's about a typical day. Only difference is I only watch tv on Tuesday nights (Biggest Loser) and Thursday (ER). Usually at night I play with Tad until about 7:30 and then I search internet, clean house, or read. I usually go to bed around 9:30.

Mathochist said...

(*Yawn*) Mine's up. Interesting idea. ;)