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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maybe I'm Just A Bitter Old Lady...

...but the woman sitting next to me at the movies today really pissed me off.

Alan, Kali, Ander, and I got there early and picked a section that was a) in the middle of the row so we were right in front of the screen and b) where Ander could sit between Alan and I with no one in front of us (the wheelchair space was in front of us) so Ander could quietly move around.

The annoying lady and her kid arrived with their friends a couple of minutes before the movie started.

First, she turned to me and said, "I don't guess I could get you to move over, huh?" Um, no. There were other seats in the theater, just not as good of seats. So we'd be giving up some of the best seats in the house so she, who arrived late and just refused to sit anywhere else, could sit with the almost a dozen people she arrived with two minutes before the movie. Plus, it was OBVIOUS that we were blocking Ander in and couldn't do it if we moved over. So I said, "sorry, I would, but we are blocking the toddler in." Smile.

Next, she sat next to me, placed her purse on her seat, fumbled with her popcorn, realized that she could fit her popcorn on her seat with her skinny butt if her purse wasn't also on the seat, and pointedly placed her purse ON MY SEAT. Yes, you heard me right. I put it back on her seat and glared at her, and without as much as a "oh sorry," she moved over to make room on her own seat for the purse.

She talked to her daughter (old enough, maybe 9?, to sit quietly through a movie) the whole time.

After the movie, I brought Kali (age 5) to a long line of little girls needing to potty after the movie. She was in front of us with her daughter. Her daughter announced that she did not need to pee. Obnoxious lady apparently needs to pee, though. She enters a stall, pauses, says to her friend, "oh, I forgot to give you a piece," and - still holding the stall door open BUT NOT USING THE BATHROOM WHILE MANY LITTLE KIDS JUMP SIDE TO SIDE IN LINE TRYING NOT TO PEE IN THEIR PANTS - proceeds to spend over a minute digging through her purse for a stick of gum to give her friend (a grownup).

After she pees, she goes to the sink. Again, there is a line. She walks up to the middle sink, stops, and pulls out her cell phone. Blocking and facing the sink, she makes a loud phone call!!! The kids continue to wait in line behind her.

After finally washing her hands and finally letting others through to wash theirs, she turns to her daughter and says, "see, that's why I didn't let you bring a friend." (Aside - what about the ten people she HAD TO sit with previously, huh?) "I know you would be oblivious and not pay any attention to the other people, and that would be rude."




pacatrue said...


It's people like that what cause unrest.

Anonymous said...

lol. this is why I love you Kristy.