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Monday, July 21, 2008

What A Day!

I was feeling crappy all weekend. I have the never-ending sniffles. A chronic headache. I had a fight with Alan - not a big one, but that drains me. But the worse thing is that my left eye and the left side of my face is SWOLLEN! It hurts. I guess the infection is back. Also, we went to a birthday party last night. I was exhausted and hot and came home and noticed that the baby was not kicking much. I freaked. This morning, he still barely kicked. I think he kicked once - just enough to know he was still alive, but not enough to be normal. It was clear that I would have to see the OB and the eye doctor this morning.

The problems? Well, first, I need to work. I took Thursday and Friday off, feeling like crap. Alan was sick two days last week, too, and he is practically alone in the office this week, meaning he cannot call in sick to anyone or get vacation approved. Then, there's our new vehicle. The fuel pump is already freakin' out. And it's on back order. So I had to drop Alan off at work, bring Ander with me to the OB and eye doctor (if I could get emergency appointments), go to work, and then come back to town to pick up Alan at the end of the day. All feeling like someone punched my face, shoved cotton up my nose, and was wringing my forehead.

I did my best. Dropped off Alan. Went to OB. Of course, as we arrived, the baby started not just kicking, but rolling and dancing. No need to see the OB. Maybe the baby could just sense my tiredness and the infection in my system.

The eye doctor heard I was pregnant and saw me immediately. Well, three hours after I called and two hours after my appointment. But he saw me.

Turns out the infection has spread down my face. (No kidding? Is that why that side of my body hurts and I look like I've been in a barfight?)

Stronger antibiotics eyedrops five times a day, a possible follow-up in two weeks if things don't clear up, hot compresses five times a day...all added to my GD diet and my four finger pricks and two meds...sigh, when do I work?

Oh, wait, I can't see out of my left eye or think straight. Probably, I don't work.



Stac Cole said...

We're home from vacation now and I'm going back to work tomorrow. I think Alan and I work the same schedule...7:30 to 4? I would be happy to pick him up and bring him home, or even just one of those if it works out best for y'all. We're done with baseball and Keith gets home at 5:30 to bring Bren to football, so even if he's a little late it's fine. Just give me a call and let me know.

Miss-buggy said...

you really are getting a go of it this time around.