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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trying Church

We were going to church very regularly when I was pregnant with Ander and after he was born. We did that for quite a while. Then we moved and St. George was quite a drive away. But we went anyway.

Somehow, between a child who could not sit still, a horrible cryroom, and the tension at our house of getting three of us ready for Mass on time, we quit going. Or we went, and had fights on the way. It was not peaceful. It was not productive.

Ander is older. He understands timeout perfectly. He can sit and look at a book for several minutes. He talks alot, but, well, God gave him that voice, right?

We are also trying the Catholic Church right by my house. Father Michael, a newish priest from who did his first year in Paulina, has moved there. Plus, it's in walking distance of my home (if there were sidewalks and trees and we had a half hour to get to church...but, really, not a bad walk).

I hope this goes well. I've always thought church should be a peaceful experience.


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Miss-buggy said...

it should be a peaceful experience but good luck. I am kind of pissed cause my husband doesn't sit with me. He now goes into the nursery with Cooper. Let the providers handle it! Grrr..
good luck