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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trying To Reduce Hours

I have a client meeting this morning. In a nod to my need to reduce my hours a bit and take it easier over the next ten weeks, I'll go to the meeting, do a bit of essential stuff at my office, and then come home for lunch. Ander usually takes an awesome nap, so I should be able to work from home for a solid stretch this afternoon. Tomorrow my appointment is in LaPlace in the afternoon, so I'll have to work a fairly full day tomorrow. That means that I have to reduce today if I'm reducing. But at least tomorrow, though long, is an easier day. I have a routine meeting and can work from a coffee shop, which is always relaxing.

Plus, since my fetal fibrowhatever test came back negative (yippee!), I'm likely not going into labor soon. Nonetheless, I am crashing as the evening approaches and clearly need to rest more, labor or not.


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