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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Hate You!

Ander's learned to talk back. Not just a little lip, but full on screaming "I hate you" and "you cannot" at me and hubby. Yesterday, I actually praised him when he said, "I am angry" and cried. Because, well, at least that is a more appropriate reaction.

We've been ignoring the behavior, on the theory that it's just something he picked up from his older cousins and it would go away without attention, but it's getting worse. So timeout it is. It'll be quite a challenge to calmly warn and then put him in timeout while he's yelling at me.

Can a two year old understand "disrespectful"?



Brien Louque said...

"You must respect my authoritay!" Sorry, I couldn't help it. My neice has been acting up a little with the addition of her little bro, at least that's what I've been told.

Derwinicus said...

Ooo, that's a lovely phase! Let's hope it passes quickly once the timeouts start. BTW, you'd be proud of me. We finally had a successful timeout with Kirsi the other day. I only had to put her back in 5 times and she stayed. (The other times it was ongoing for half an hour after which I couldn't handle it anymore and held her in. Needless to say, we hardly used timeouts.) Woo hoo!!

Miss-buggy said...

I personally think they can understand. I think being "two" is really an understatement. Will don't give these little people enough credit. Ander is a very smart boy. How about if you tell him that it hurts your and DH's feelings. That works for Cooper as does "do NOT tell me no young man!!!" then followed by a visit to the corner