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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Watermelon On My Counter

There's a watermelon on my counter. It's really small. Maybe two servings. It grew in my uncle's garden. The watermelon is calling my name. "Kristy...kristy," it whispers.

My doctor says I can't have sugar. My dietician says watermelon is on the list of gestational diabetes no-nos, along with orange juice and milk.

My blood sugar fluctuates between the low end of the normal range and normal.

I've never failed (or taken) that silly "drink" test.

I've only had high sugars at MIL's house, after eating two hotcakes with syrup and an egg McGriddle.

I think I am having watermelon today.

Perhaps a whole entire watermelon.

Plus, I've been meaning to clean off my counter.


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