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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Food Sucks

Why is it that food in Leesville is like food in a foreign country? And why can't it happen to be like a foreign country with good fodd? :/

Seriously, even the McDonald's, while okay, has a different menu it. The menu includes biscuits with sausage gravy. I know I'm in the minority here (but not as much in the minority as when I thought the legisture should get pay raises), but I hate sausage and I hate sausage gravy. Most of all, I hate that, while I'm eating my hotcakes, MIL pours sausage gravy over her bisquits and eats them with a fork at 7 a.m. Gag. And I need six small meals (pregnant, blood sugar issues during pregnancy, diagnosed issues with my digestive system, and not crashing after a meal...I mean NEED) instead of two HUGE ones.

The Chinese place, for lunch, has reasonable food. The problem? Since no one eats there, the buffet isn't that fresh. (It's buffet only.) Also, the real Chinese food stuff, like meats and veggies with gravy, is sparse. There's a lot of chicken nuggets and warmed up fries. Ick.

Supper at Ryan's was the worse. Cold steak, no Sprite, baked potatoes only at the end of the meal and far undercooked, dressings all creamy with no vinegar selection, no fried chicken until dessert time, lots of overcooked, yucky, nonseasoned vegetables. Blah!

Cooking at home isn't much better. There's margarine instead of butter. Cheese looks fine, but the bag reveals it is past its expiration date. The water has a yellowish hue and the fridge is stuffed with off-brand Dr. Pepper and no bottled water or Sprite (pregnant girl talking here, obviously). Oreo cookies are...gasp...white and not chocolate. There's tons of fruit, but most of it involves peaches or cantaloup (both gag-inducing at this stage of pregnancy). I see a watermelon. There's talk of watermelon. There are promises of watermelon. The watermelon is NEVER actually cut. :( The bread is all white bread (while I'm a whole wheat kind of girl). It's not that I can't eat here. It's just that I'm starving (again, growing baby in tummy), slightly nauseous (tummy full of baby), and want food that is my type of food. I am not looking forward to lunch. It's just roast beef, right? But there's no po-boy bread for a sandwich (which would be perfect, with the garden fresh tomatoes on the counter that MIL...holy cow...wants to refrigerate and slice 'em all up...seriously, it's tomatoe teh darn things instead...they are great with just salt and pepper). The sides, as always, will be mashed potatoes (she won't make enough) and corn (bland, from a can). There won't be a good gravy (though she knows how to make one, she won't bother). The food won't be ready at lunch time (because they all like to skip breakfast, eat later, and then gorge themselves). I'll be starving, and even though I'll grab breakfast at McDs, again, my blood sugar will crash and then soar.

For supper, she'll serve leftovers of the lunch that I didn't enjoy. And when I make myself something else, or grab a pizza or a salad, she'll roll her eyes and talk about how picky other people (because she won't dare criticize me one more time, since I threatened to take her out for some fresh sushi if she mentions cantaloup ONE MORE F'ING TIME) are about food.

I need my frozen waffles with butter, lite syrup, and center cut bacon. I need a pB&j (creamy, not wheat...with blackberry preserves). I need a huge salad, with lettuce that isn't white and tomatoes that are diced not sliced, and real balsamic vinegar. {insert sobbing tears of a hungry, pregnant lady here}

Or, really, I'd do with a cup of cafe' au lait and a flaky croissant, but c'est la vie.



Brien Louque said...

You guys should bring a mini-fridge and some groceries with you (although when my mom does that I roll my eyes - I mean, I do have food here in Monroe, although if someone were to send me some honest-to-God French bread, I'd really appreciate it - instead, she brings up the same bread and generic, nasty cold cuts available at the Brookshire's down the street). Seriously, it might be a good idea to pack some food to bring up, even with the eye-rolling. *sigh*

Stac Cole said...

i agree with Brien. If it's like that all the time, then bring your own food....hide it if you feel guilty or don't want to hear anything about it!

Frog said...

I agree with them. Either bring your own food or go to the grocery there. Maybe you or Alan can cook for her there? You could definitely go buy some waffles, salad, vinegar, or some other things and just bring them.