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Monday, July 28, 2008


I've had a headache for two days now. Yesterday, I blamed it on the sun. Tylenol sort of touches it, but barely. I've also been incredibly sleepy. I am sitting up on the couch, reading a book, and I wake up when I hear the book hit the floor. I'm driving, and decide I need to pull over, or I might crash. I probably napped 5 hours yesterday, and still slept 8 hours (minus peeing in the middle of the night time) last night. Also, I'm peeing every half hour now. Love lee. :(

So Alan sent me an e-mail about preeclampsia. Ni ice. Anyhoo, I'm not swelling and haven't gained a pound this week (despite PIGGING out on Saturday...OINK OINK). And I see my doctor tomorrow. I suspect this is just normal old pregnancy stuff. But who knows?

I'm busting butt at work. Tonight (yep, tonight) I have a client appointment. I have three new clients coming in this week or next. It's crazy. Unfortunately, along with the billable work (great), I'm doing Rachel's job (not so great). Between that and falling asleep AT MY DESK, work is crazy. She comes back on September 2. I miss her. :(

At home, we need to redo the area behind the shed, fix the hole in Ander's ceiling, paint my bedroom ceiling, paint the baby's room, and set up the baby's room. We haven't bought a single thing for the baby that we need (um...carseat - a must, sling, double stroller, bottles, diapers...we especially need to buy the carseat and dipes). I haven't packed my bag. I'm 29 weeks. Ander arrived at 34 weeks. This upcoming weekend is (over)booked, with an event at a friend's house in St. Franscisville on Saturday, a baby shower on Sunday, and getting together with other friend's in New Orleans Sunday afternoon.

Next weekend, I have a luncheon on Friday, family reunion (sort of) on Saturday, and a Christening (I'm the Godmother!) on Sunday.

The next weekend, MIL is visiting. She plans to take us shopping at Babies 'R Us. Hopefully, I'll get above-mentioned carseat.

It goes on and on. Events every second of everyday. Some I really am looking forward to, particularly the ones with friends, but some are just exhausting to think about but I have to be there.

I goes I shouldn't complain too much, as I found time in the past two weeks to read all the Harry Potter books again. It's becoming a July tradition. Hey, who wants to babysit an adorable two year old and a brand new infant boy in November while hubby and I go to the movies? ;)



Frog said...

I'd LOVE to babysit!! Just let me know when! Who will you be visiting in New Orlean??

Rachel said...

You know I'd be happy to babysit - then I can ask you to watch my kids ;-)

Stac Cole said...

HUB (he insists on being called HUB so that Ander doesn't feel left out--his words not mine...awwww) says that he would love to babysit Finnegan. And his mom approves :)