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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I don't care one lick that some many Starbucks stores are closing. After all, I really don't like Starbucks all that much. In Laplace or New Orleans, there's always PJs with it's delicious granita. Highland has the spectalular granita latte. And anywhere in Baton Rouge, there's a CCs, with it's perfect view.

I do feel for the employees. I tend to like them and hate to see them scrambling for jobs.

But what I don't understand is...even in Baton Rouge, where so few people go to Starbucks, they are only closing stores that aren't really close to other stores. I can still think of several places in town where two Starbucks will be right around the corner from each other. Strange.

Now, if they would just open a CCs near my house, the world would be so much better.


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Lacey Tackett said...

In our little podunk town there are 4 Starbucks in a 1 mile strip of road... and none of them are closing.I think they should get rid of a few that are really close together.