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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm the Mommy

Alan and I knew long before we reproduced that he has incredible mommy qualities and I have strong daddy tendencies. (Nope, I didn't mix that up. But if you know me, you know that.) Alan is affectionate (though, let me reiterate to him personally, MORE affectionate would be better), nuturing, and patient. I'm a risk-taker, a leader, and in favor of children helping themselves.

Everyone said, during my first pregnancy, that you change completely when you become a parent. Nope. I became more - of myself. I became more outspoken, because you have to be when someone tries to smoke near your child. I became more of a leader. After all, I have a built-in follower. He has no choice. Mawhaw!

However, Ander doesn't seem to notice that Alan is more mommy-like and I am more dady-like. For some strange reason, if he's sick, he cuddles with me. Even if Alan begs him to cuddle with daddy. He asks Daddy to take him outside, even though Alan and Ander hate the sun and Mommy loves the outside. If mommy drives when both parents are in the car, Ander will comment. Ander, who can't possibly know that mommies are more likely, in most households, to change a diaper...and whose daddy changes his diaper/gives him a bath/feeds him supper every night...still looks to mommy first for those things.

Shrug. I don't claim to understand the two year old brain.

But I love the bonus cuddles.


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Mathochist said...

I'm tagging you for the six unremarkable quirks meme.