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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Carry Extra Ink Pens in Your Planner

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When a person with a planner talks about ink, he or she is probably not covered in colorful tattoos.

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Instead, their paper planner uses all the ink.

I use at least two colors of ink in my planner all the time.

Whether a planner is color-coded, my reverse highlight technique is in use, or planning is simply happening in many colors, planners can only accommodate so many ink pens or pencils.

To expand the number of ink pens carried in a planner, consider:

1. placing ink pens slotted into the side pockets of the planner (shown here with an orange highlighter) or, 
as in the above picture, 

2. tuck an ink pen within the rings.

Caution: If you tuck the ink pen into the rings, always open the rings to remove the pen without damage to your planner.

Of course, there are other things that you can do.

3. Consider a multi-pen.

The downside is that these pens are thick.

4. Add your own loops.

These come in stick-on, pocket slide, or wrap-around styles.

5. As a last resort, carry a cute pencil bag.

Let me know how many pens you carry in your planner. Purists, I can respect the number one. :)


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Anna said...

I tend to carry a lot. (10-11) I like to color code, and I don't like to share my favorite pens. I always have 1-2 I can loan out to the masses, um, my friends and colleagues.

April said...

I usually carry between 10 and 12 pens.

April said...

I usually carry between 10 and 12 pens.

Carla said...

I use binder clips to give extra horizontal areas to clip on my highlighter and extra pen.

Anonymous said...

Pen monogamy - ha! But, I don't have cups and cases full of them either. I tend to suffocate under the weight of all my stash after a while. I gave away/donated a lot of my office supplies and am content with what I carry on a daily basis. I do keep a Bic Cristal in my Filofax pocket planner (because the pen loop is so narrow that it's the only kind that fits through it, but I have hooked a Sharpie retractable on the outside of it).

I also keep a slim case with a black and blue erasable Frixion (I write most of my text in black, but use blue for notes and also in my garden journal). I have a special one for general journaling, a mechanical pencil, a pink metallic G2. I keep the rest in a cup on my desk at home, but these are my most favorite to have on me at all times.

Családanyu Viki said...

I carry 2-3 pens: a highlighter and two pens.

Amy said...

I received a Cross Tech 3 for Christmas three years ago and have used it everyday since. It fits in the small Malden pen loop and holds two pens and a pencil.

George said...

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