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Friday, March 11, 2016

How to Use a FREE PLANNER PRINTABLE by Planner Fun

Time for Giftie Etcetera's monthly collaboration with Becky at Planner Fun, where we work together to provide you with a no-strings-attached free planner printable and some unique ways to use it!

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How to Use the Empty Boxes Free Planner Printable

*Daily Plan - Use the boxes to divide up times and contexts for tasks.

*Tasks - Each box can have a separate task and get colored in as it is complete.

Bonus Use: have your kids do this with chores for the week!

*Daily Tracker - The open format of the boxes allows you to track new things each day, like calories or workouts.

*Prep Lists - Make a master prep list for your planner, so you know what to take out of the house depending on your destination.

*Brainstorming - The open block format is great from brainstorming a work project, goals, or any other cloud-based ideas.

How to Get the Free Printable

To get the free printout, simply visit Planner Fun right now!

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Anna said...

Lots of fun ideas :)

Jaime Barfield said...

This would be perfect for my task lists. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love this idea. I am overwhelmed by colorful ideas and you have demonstrated how simple can be multi-functional.

My 'planner goal' is to use an organized notebook for 3 months and then reward myself. WHEN I get it, this printable will be used again and again, and in different ways.

In the meanwhile, I may wander around a bit...

Thank you!