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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to Organize a Large Tote Bag

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The level of lazy that I am capable of achieving is staggering. I try to NEVER do anything that I don't have to do.

So when I say that I carry a HUGE bag outside of the house almost every time I leave, you have to understand that it is about making life easier!

denim tote, coffee, sunglasses

What I Carry Every Day

In addition to my big bag of stuff, I also carry a tiny sling bag, with my wallet, inhaler, keys, and cell phone. This means I can grab my planner and jot into a store or met a friend for dinner without hauling the whole bag.

But I leave the house daily, at least one child in tow, usually with a large assortment of items that make my life easier.

What's in My Bag?

I sometimes have a sweater.

I often carry my journal or a novel.

I have medicines and toiletries and chargers and my planner.

I keep snacks and water bottles and coffee.

what's in my bag; planner; mesh organizers

How I Organize My Bag

Ultimately, a bunch of mesh bags, sorted by category, mean that I can carry everything with me.

I love these mesh bags for sorting items into categories.

My bag just stays next to my work area at home and in my passenger seat in my car!

Whatever the day brings - whether it is an impromptu blogging season at a coffee shop or a late night in the chilly air - I am ready for it.

And since I rarely unpack the bag, I can keep on being lazy!

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Carla said...

Even though my kids are grown and can carry their own stuff, I still use big bags. I definitely belong to the "What if...?" group of bag users. Long live big bags.

Mary Wimbley said...

I've downsized slightly, but I still occasionally use a big tote bag. Instead of mesh bags, though, I've used bags with lots of pockets for various things. Right now I'm using a backpack that looks kid-size, but is amazingly roomy. It holds my netbook, planner, Kindle, writing journal, and another notebook, and somehow still has room for a smaller purse that contains my wallet and other essentials. It reminds me a lot of Hermione Granger's purse in the Harry Potter series! lol

Jaime Barfield said...

love the mesh bag idea. I have my large tote next to my desk to carry when i leave the house. Love it.

Carrie said...

I separate things in my bags into smaller cases as well.

Anna said...

I have my small cross body bag, that fits into my bigger bag with my planner and whatever else I'm carrying around that day. :) If you leave it at home, that's the one day you're sure to need it.