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Monday, March 21, 2016

Why I Added a Pen Holder to My Planner

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I can't tolerate things that stress out my planner.

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Take Care of Your Planner

Whether it's overstuffing a planner and stressing the snap closure or moving pens in and out of the pockets until they wear away the skin of the planner, I think care of a planner means trying not to destroy it.

Protect Your Planner with a Pen Loop

Moving my ink pens in and out of my planner was causing wear issues. So I purchased a couple of pen loops.

You can see that they are too tight for the pen itself, but perfect when held on by the clicky part. (Clicky parts are a real thing. :) )

Get your pen loops today. (I got two - one for each side of my planner.)

If you can do something to make your planner last longer, go ahead and do it!


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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they're too tight for the pen to fit as it looks elasticized to me. That is definitely something I need to consider. The pen loop that comes with the pocket Malden is leather and narrow and only a slim pen (like my Bic Cristals) fit through it, although I use a fat Sharpie retractable and keep it hooked on the outside like you do, but that can tend to curl the edges of my inserts if I don't close it right.

Carla said...

Ahh, pen loops. Like cupholders in a car, there are never enough. I've DIYed extra loops with duct tape and large paper clips. The big benefit, it's temporary, and no sticky stuff to mess with the leather. OK, now that I have the 'How', I'm off to find some cute tape.

Anna said...

Never enough pen loops... I need some of those ASAP :)

Unknown said...

Those pen loops, while a brilliant idea, are quite a tight fit.