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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Optimize the Use of Your Paper Planner (Featuring Franklin Planner Day on Two Pages Layout)

Are you using your planner to its full potential? 

Some simple tweaks to your daily layout can help you to stay organized and on task.

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Today, I'm featuring tweaks to a Franklin Planner day-on-two-pages spread, but lots of these tips apply to any layout.

How to Handle Today's Task List

To the far left of the picture, I have today's task list. I have some hints to help you maximize it.

*Use subtasks

I use a circle for the task, but if it has several subtasks (like writing several blog entries does in the example), I indent and use a square to show the subtasks.

That way, I know to do it all at once to be more efficient.

*Use context codes.

See where I have E, C, H, or PL in the second row from the left? Those are context codes.

Context codes tell me where I need to be to do the tasks.

E = errands (outside of the home)

C = at computer
H = at home
PL = in my planner

I also use PH (phone) or @ (pending someone/something else).

How to Set-up A Daily Schedule

The next column in the photo is today's schedule.

*Schedule tasks.

Not all tasks require scheduling, but go ahead and write those that are time-specific (like calling a breakfast restaurant when they are open - so before noon) on the schedule.

*Block out times (including travel time).

I use dark brackets to show times, so I don't underestimate how long something will take.

*Write tentative times on a diagonal.

If I am going to do something at a time that is dependent on something or someone else (like grocery shopping after my husband gets home to watch the kids), I denote that by writing it on a diagonal.

Hide Unimportant Lists Under the Page Marker

Notice the prep list (used for leaving the house) goes behind the page marker.

TIP: Use a sticky note to put the weekly task list on the page marker, so it moves from day-to-day.

Any questions?


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Anonymous said...

I love this post, Kristy. Thank you. I find very helpful the - for me! - unusual things you suggest to put on the time schedule "call the restaurant" which others ideas would you suggest for the time schedule? Many thanks. xxx

Giftie Etcetera said...

I sometimes do a shadow schedule for the husband and kids, where I can see what they are up to. This is very helpful if I need to contact my husband, but he said he'd be in a meeting from 9 - 11 a.m., for example.

Other tasks that are time sensitive might be going to the pharmacy (so there's time to drop the script AND pick it up) or putting dinner to defrost.

Jaime Barfield said...

Love this post. Thanks so much for the tips.

freshstart said...

I love this post!