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Friday, January 30, 2009

What Is Wrong With Me

I'm cleaning the house today. (Okay, I've fielded two client calls and pumped once and nursed twice and bottle fed once and changed three diapers and refilled a sippy cup twice and a cereal bowl once and changed the DVD movie twice and made Ander pick up each toy before taking another one out and explain how pliers work and read instructions for putting a truck together and had breakfast and sent an e-mail to my cousins saying that I adore when they offer to keep my kids for the night but I am EXTREMELY SAD TO DECLINE AS WE ALREADY HAVE PLANS AND COULD THEY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ASK AGAIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE...but I'm a mom and that's what mornings are like.)

So, anyway, I'm cleaning the house. I mostly cleaned the stove top. (I had burnt roast gravy onto it, and it will need a second scrubbing, but it's not totally horrible like it was before.) I picked up everything that was out of place in the living room and most of what was out of place in the kitchen and put everything in its proper home.

And then I got inexplicably distracted. I HAD TO clean the little creases in the wooden cabinet doors. I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT RESIST using the hand vac to clean under the edge of the counters and near the fireplace. I was IRRESISTABLY COMPELLED to go through the spoons and pick out any ones with the tiniest of spots and rewash them.

It's lunchtime. I've been cleaning for two hours. And the house isn't much cleaner.

But, damn, the crud is off the cabinet doors. Sigh.

Can you say OCD?



Sammy Jankis said...

I, for one, have been waiting for your OCD nature to notice the crud on the cabinet doors. SCORE!

Stac Cole said...

Hey, I'll make a deal with you. I'll come to your house and do all the BIG stuff and you can come to my house and do the OCD stuff!