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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

But, But, All I Did Was Sleep For Two Hours...

...so how come a baby store exploded on my living room floor?!?

Moms and dads each how their role. I am convinced that most couples fail and make one or the other party miserable by dividing those rules based on sexist stereotypes, like dad cutting the grass and mom doing the laundry. (For example, in our house...you knew I'd slip my own example in, right?...dad hates the outside, doesn't like exercise, and is highly allergic to grass, while mom ruins clothes all the time, puts off doing laundry until she has no choice, and sneezes when she cleans the lint filter. Mom does the grass and dad does the laundry. Just sayin'.)

When it comes to unpacking and saving baby clothes, Alan knows his role. Alan takes the clothes saved from Ander from the storage area. Alan washes said clothes. Kristy sorts through the old clothes, putting the stuff that doesn't fit in a Goodwill bag and leaving everything else in the drawers. Then Kristy sorts the new stuff into the drawers, and Alan brings the old stuff to the vehicle to drop off in the Goodwill box near our house. Process finished.

And I only slept for a little bit.


So how did my living room get full of baby clothes? Outgrown baby clothes?

"Well, um, I, um, sorted the 3-6 month clothes, um, by style and, um, size."

"Why? Loki wears 6-9 months. All 3-6 months go inthe Goodwill bag."

"Yah, um, I know that."

"Where are the clothes that you unloaded that are 6-9 months?"

Excited, maybe-I-did-something-right look. "Right here."


Face falls. "Yah."

Love the effort, honey. I'm sick and tired and Loki needs bigger clothes. But in the 2 hours, while I was trying desperately to sleep away this cold, you made more mess and got nothing accomplished. Sigh.

Maybe parents should stick to their roles, though not the stereotypical ones, whenever possible. I don't sort the clothes because I like it. I sort them because I'm good at it. Sigh.

To give proper credit, Alan is currently fixing his error and sorting the clothes properly.


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Janelle smells said...

but I bet u could just kiss him for trying!