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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost Like A Freelancer

As an attorney, court dates are set pretty much in stone. I can move things around, of course, but not without a bit of effort, like filing a motion or calling opposing counsel and sending a letter to the court. Deadlines are usually pretty solid as well, though some things just need to be done in the next month or so. It's a lot like being a student, I guess. It's like I have classes and I have homework and tests to prepare for, but other than classes, I don't have to work 9 to 5. I can be more flexible.

Also, my bosses are many - clients, public defender board, the Louisiana State Bar Association, and judges - instead of just one person telling me what to do. On one hand, no one watches what I do very closely. On the other hand, there are a lot of people to be unhappy if I mess anything up. (I try not to ever mess anything up. That works well, but is a lot of pressure.)

I also get paid from multiple sources. I get a stipend from the public defender board, fees from opposing parties in curator cases, and billed income from private clients. I have to not only do the work, but also keep track of what work I do and bill for that work and then wait to (hopefully) get paid.

I like the freedom. I am working at home today, in my pjs. My babysitter (aka mom) had a busy day because she has a pokeno party at her house tonight. My office manager (aka secretary) is out today on for her kid's doctor's appointment, and that means that if I stay in the office, I'll have to answer the phone all day instead of getting billable work done. I'd have to leave the office to pump and eat, because I don't want clients walking in during those activities, since they see my car parked outside. I really would not get enough done, and would inconvenience my FREE I am working from home.

So far, I've had a phone call from one public defender's office client, two calls with opposing counsel, written a motion to continue, and spoke to one private client. I've noted bills from a phone call I got as I drove into my driveway last night from a private client. But I'm not done.

I have two faxes/letters to write to opposing counsel, as noted on my to do list, and both MUST be done today so I can fax them out first thing tomorrow morning. Also, I have a billable goal. Meeting that goal means, well, that after office expenses and Rachel's salary are paid, I take home money. I still have to make $26 today to meet my goal.

But working at home means other stuff, too. I've nursed Loki twice, fed Ander breakfast and lunch, done potty training all morning, changed two dirty diapers, let my kids (yep, both watched intently {blush}) watch Wall-E and 101 Dalamations, and cooked a chili. Notably, I missed breakfast. (Loki had to nurse and I had to take my eye meds and then a client called and I got too busy.)

Sigh. Busy, but flexible. Or just a mom skipping breakfast.



Frog said...

Were did all the bloggers names go?? How am I going to know who to read??

Giftie Etcetera said...

Many were out of date so I took them down rather than updating them. Sorry! They are all in my google reader, but with about 100 others, so there's no easy way from me to copy and paste.

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