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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Need a Discipline Refocus

Potty-training is sucktackular! Behavior is very terrible twos.

And I'm tired and distracted because I'm trying desperately to raise a baby and I forget to address Ander's needs. Loki is so heavy and actually difficult to hold. Plus, I'm always nursing or pumping (or eating, because of the nursing and pumping). So I'm tired. I'm very impatient. And I am not being consistent enough. I really need to get in gear.

All I really want to do is sleep. Sigh.

Poor Ander, because timeouts are about to restart with a vengence.



Mathochist said...

"Potty-training is sucktackular!"

I wholheartedly agree!!! There is some major potty fear going on in my 4 y.o. I am about to seek out a potty psychologist.

Yours is still a bit young, esp. for a boy. I wish I could send you a bucket of spare patience to pick from when you need it, 'cause it sounds like he's doing pretty well, except for not mastering it as fast as mom would like. (And when does that ever happen!?!?) Not that I have any patience to spare myself!

Katie is still learning, too... We get 1-2 good pees out of her, first thing in the morning and before bath or bedtime. And she can pretty much go whenever she sits. But when she doesn't want to use the potty, she just doesn't...

Ugh! Where is the magic potty wand that we can just wave and be done with the whole thing!?!?!?

Frog said...

Your son seems very well behaved. My poor son is still learning time out. You saw last night poor thing ended up in bed.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Oh, 'Chelle, it was a VERY GOOD day. Many days are exactly like it was with Tad (which I would define as a "normal" day) or much, much worse!