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Friday, January 9, 2009


I don't get to work overtime. If I'm not done with work at the end of the work day, I take it home. My kids need me. I have to pump. I have to eat because I'm nursing a baby. Except for juvenile court running late about 3 times a year, I leave work on time because I have to.

But Alan often has to work late. His office hires attorneys, but I could never work there, because if one parent works late during legislative session, both parents cannot work late.

But boy, those extra 30 to 120 minutes while he works are torture.

Ander has a sense of when Daddy gets home. If it starts getting dark, and Daddy isn't home yet, I hear about it. It's hard to cook supper or put my work stuff away without Daddy to entertain Ander. It's really hard to nurse Loki without Daddy entertaining Ander.

I know other moms do this, by themselves, but I'm not other moms. I have a partner who does his share and then some. I REALLY APPRECIATE it when he's not here.

So I sit here, trying to convince Ander that we are out of batteries (translation: candy for his Tigger Pez dispenser). Trying to convince Loki that a paci is just as good, since Daddy is only 45 minutes away and Loki ate only two hours ago and darn it, it's so much easier with Daddy here to negotiate the battery situation. And trying to convince my headache to go away, because I need to be happy when my husband gets home. I miss him. 120 extra minutes...killer.


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Frog said...

Ahh, I can't say I understand how you feel, but I feel for you! I think B gets like that too sometimes. Especially after tax season has been going on for some time. It's weird, that I'm perfectly fine without him, but he definitely has a harder time than me. I think it's just the person and what they are use to doing.