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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picky Eaters

I'm watching a special on the Food Network about the Adult Picky Eaters Assciation. My sister and her family are picky eaters. French fries, cheese, and bread are the only things these people eat. Add rice, red beans, and chocolate, and you've covered her family.

I could not live without flavors - balsamic vinegar, spicy crab, grilled red peppers, dark chocolate, blackberry preserves, a perfect medium rare steak...yum.

There are a couple of things I don't eat. I hate mayonaisse. Weird, because I eat eggs, oil, and vinegar. I don't love eggs, but I eat them. I don't eat blue cheese. Yuck! And I don't eat raw oysters or anything with cumin.

I don't love asparagus, broccoli, or mushrooms, but I'll probably eat small amounts in something that is otherwise tasty.

Peanut butter can be crunchy, creamy, natural, or spiked with honey. Bread, though preferred wheat, can be crunchy french bread, dark black pumpernickel, or garlic and buttery. I love food.

The picky eaters on the show were having trouble in romantic relationships. Food is such a part of my life; I'd probably have the same issue. My one romantic eating regret is that I didn't marry a man who loves to cook.

And now I'm off to eat.



Anonymous said...

I don't know about your family, but all the picky eaters I'e been close to are usually freakin' skinny! They can be picky as all hell, and eat nothing but breaded and fried items, and yet they're a size two. As for me, I savor food and really enjoy the various flavors that make each dish unique (one reason I always wanted to be a chef) and yet I'm still hefty hefty hefty!
I usually blame it on having a child, but he's now a year old and that excuse is slowly fading. I'll have to come up with another one soon! An excuse, not a child. :-)

Giftie Etcetera said...

Come to think of it, my picky sister is very skinny....hmpht!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Anytime I spend any amount of time with a person who is a picky eater I realize that I could NEVER EVER in a million years be in a relationship with a picky eater. It would drive me crazy. Particulary people who are so locked into their preferences that they refuse to even try something. Trying something never killed anyone (okay, something meaning food that is meant to be eaten).
I LOVE food. I LOVE flavor. And yeah, I'd probably be a few pounds thinner if I didn't like food quite so much but I married a man who loves food too and loves eating food with me more than he cares about a few pounds.

Beorn said...

I'm squeamish about meat--particularly organ meat, raw meat, exotic meat, or unidentified meat products (like sausage, for instance). There are a certain few fungi I've had that are way too strong-tasting for me. And I once had some kind of cheese that tasted like an old, wet, mildewed shop rag might smell. I hate most seafood, and that's the only one that I really wish I DID like. That's my list of stuff I'm picky about.

I've never met a non-poisonous plant that I didn't like. I figure as long as I can say that, I'm fine. :-)