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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh, How Illinios Makes Louisiana Look Nicer

I really like the guy that the disgraced Illinios governor appointed to fill Obama's Senate seat. Burr sounds smart and he is witty with his words and fun to watch. I don't know anything about his politics, but I'd definitely vote for him if they are similiar to mine, since I think he could only liven up the Senate.

That said, I am very sad that a congressperson from Illinios is calling the failure to seat Burr racist.

I'm prepared to face reality. The Senate is clearly too white. And the governor has not been convicted or impeached, so technically, he still may have the legal power to appoint a Senator. I don't know the law in that area well enough to say.

But come on. It was clear, BEFORE any appointment of ANYONE - black, white, or otherwise - was made, that the Senate was not going to seat the appointment. To do so, just because the appointee is black, would be racism.

Please, please, those who are calling racism on this one - stop. There is PLENTY of REAL racism out there. Fight the good fight against racism. I'm here to stand next to you and help you fight it.

But step away from this one, because this one is NOT about race.


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